Important Timelines for New Students

Next Steps to Enroll at RCTC

Steps to Becoming a Yellowjacket

Here are the steps you should follow to complete your enrollment at Rochester Community and Technical College. Remember, there are application and enrollment deadlines, so earlier is better!

  1. Apply to Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC)
  2. Apply for Financial Aid
  3. Send Final, Official Copies of High School and College Transcripts
  4. Course Placement, Orientation, and Register for Courses
  5. Get a Student ID Card
  6. Activate your Student email account
  7. Pay tuition
  8. Buy Books
  9. Make an Appointment
  10. Get Involved!

Apply to Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC)

We encourage you to apply for admission up to one full year prior to the semester you plan to enroll at RCTC. Early applicants get first priority for testing and registration. There is NO application fee at RCTC!

  • SPRING 2022 APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 3, 2022
  • SPRING 2022 PSEO APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 27, 2021

NOTE: International Student Application deadlines are different than the deadlines stated above. Please refer to the International Student application page for more specific information.


Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to those students who qualify based on tax information from the previous year. As soon as you get your taxes done for the previous year, you should be applying for financial aid. You can apply online at or visit the RCTC Financial Aid website at

Fall priority deadline: April 15
Spring priority deadline: October 15

Send Official Copies of your Educational Transcripts

Please send final, official copies of your high school transcript to RCTC. If you have attended any college, even if you withdrew, please also send the official copies directly from your school to us for your educational records at RCTC. Financial Aid also requires official transcripts on file at RCTC.

Complete Course Placement Options

All new students need to be placed in the proper English, Reading, or Math courses.  Please visit the Course Placement page for options.

Get Student ID Card

Stop by the Goddard Library with a copy of your class schedule and a government-issued ID to get your student ID card.

Activate Student E-mail Account

Stop by Technology Support to activate you student e-mail account. All official college communication is sent to your RCTC student e-mail.

Pay Tuition

Tuition Deadlines

Financial Aid Disbursements

Buy Books

Once you’ve registered for your classes you can take your schedule to the bookstore and buy your textbooks, lab equipment, and other supplies, you may also go online and order your books and other supplies. You should always have your books and supplies before classes begin.

  • Fall semester: Buy books in August
  • Spring semester: Buy books in December or January

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with your academic advisor/counselor for your future semester planning. You can make an appointment by calling the Counseling and Advising Center at 507-285-7260.

Get Involved!

Going to class is, well, the best way to ensure your own success in college. But class is only part of the college experience. Don’t bypass all of the other activities and opportunities you have to make your college years the best they can be! Be adventurous, get involved with Student Life!