Beehive Blog–August 17, 2022

RCTC Student Blog

Welcome to RCTC!  Your education here opens doors to new, unexpected opportunities. It’s wonderful to have our new and returning students fill the campus and online learning community again!  We, in Student Affairs, are committed to your success and begin each semester with this communication campaign called “RCTC Student Beehive” – named in recognition of our campus yellowjacket mascot Sting. Each week on Wednesdays, we’ll share the most relevant and important information about “Bee-ing” successful in accomplishing your goals at RCTC. This information is stored on our website and available to you 24/7. Bookmark the Beehive Blog and visit it often to find all the Beehives and other helpful information.

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To improve student understanding of how changes in enrollment impact financial aid awards, updates have been made to Policy 7.4.1 Return to Title IV Refund. The updates clarify what constitutes an unofficial withdraw and how both an unofficial withdrawal and an official withdrawal impact aid earned and may result in a Return to Title IV. You may review the updates policy here.