Beehive Blog – December 15, 2021

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Why Register Now?
Dean’s List
Checking Fall Grades
Fall Graduates
Equipment Return Reminder
Semester End and Winter Break


  • Not a morning person?  Register Now to avoid early morning classes!
  • Avoid the wait (list)!  Register Now before your classes fill!
  • Plan your “me” time!  Register Now and know next semester’s schedule today!

Don’t wait until you get back from break!  REGISTER NOW!  Advising and Counseling gets booked up the closer we get to the start of the term, classes fill up and finding what you need at times that work for you gets more difficult the longer you wait.  REGISTER TODAY!

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Each semester, excellence in scholastic achievement will be recognized by compiling three lists of students.  The qualifications for each list are as follows:

  • President’s List: Students must have completed 12 credits or more for the same semester with a 4.0 GPA. Students on the President’s List will receive a hard copy letter and certificate signed by the President.
  • Dean’s List: Students must have completed 12 credits or more for the same semester with a 3.5-3.99 GPA.  Students on the Dean’s List will receive an email of recognition signed by the VPs of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.
  • High Academic Achievement: Students must have completed 9-11 credits for the same semester with a 3.5-4.0 GPA. Students on the High Academic Achievement List will receive an email of recognition signed by the VPs of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

Additionally, the credit courses completed must have earned grade points.  Credits for P (Pass) and grades of I (Incomplete), AU (Audit), and W (Withdrawal), and NC (No Credit) are excluded from the count. These lists are posted in the Records and Registration area and at the Heintz Center, as well as distributed to local media.  A listing can also be downloaded from the College website.  The list should be available after January 15.

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RCTC hopes you had a tremendously successful semester. As it draws to a close, please note the Records and Registration Office anticipates all final Fall 2019 grades being submitted and calculated by Thursday, December 26. These grades can be viewed in the grades and transcripts section of the college eServices site. To view your grades after December 26, click here.

Any grades not posted to your eServices account have not been reported by a faculty member. Please contact the instructor of your class to inquire when s/he will post any missing grades.

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Your degree will be posted to your transcript about 2 weeks after all final grades have been posted.  Awards will be printed and mailed to your permanent address on file in the Records and Registration Office approximately 6 weeks later.  RCTC holds one Commencement Ceremony per academic year (in May) and you can find Commencement information on the website later in the Spring semester.  It will be important for you to read the material and follow the directions, including submitting your RSVP in April, if you plan on attending.  Congratulations on completing your degree at RCTC!

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As the semester nears conclusion, remember to return any equipment checked out from the Technology Support Center.  The due date for cameras, video recording gear, and other equipment is Friday, December 20, 2019.  Equipment not returned by this date and time will be declared lost, your student account will be charged for replacement costs, and a hold will be placed on your academic records.

You will be allowed to use the gear in the upcoming semester as long as you are enrolled in a specific program that requires you to use such equipment or if it is general media gear for classroom usage.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 507-536-5555 or by email at

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This is a reminder that Fall Semester ends Friday, December 20 and there are no classes until Spring Semester begins on Monday, January 13, 2020.  The college will be open for business as usual but will be closed on Wednesday, December 25, and Wednesday, January 1 due to the holidays.  Enjoy the winter break!

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