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Get the schedule YOU want! Get the courses you NEED!

Don’t take the WRONG courses! Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to review your degree plan.

You’ll have time to handle any ROADBLOCKS. Unexpected hold? Financial aid error? Starting early gives you time to figure out any barriers that might keep you from registering.


Sign in to AdvisorVue, an online web-based tool that makes scheduling appointments easy, at ! Just log in with your STAR ID and password to see your advisor’s appointment times. Trouble signing in? Considering a new degree? Need to meet with a different pathway advisor? Contact the Advising Center at 507-285-7260.

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RCTC’s Emergency Alert System makes it possible for students, employees, and community members to receive quick notifications by text, phone, and email. The RCTC Emergency Alert System will only notify you in emergency situations. These emergency notifications update you concerning any life threatening, safety and/or severely impacted standard campus operations.

RCTC Students and Employees:
All current RCTC students and employees automatically receive RCTC Emergency Alerts at their RCTC email accounts. If you wish to receive alerts as a text message, a phone message, or at another email address, you will need to set up an account. You may use either your RCTC email address or a personal email address as a user ID. You will also need to establish a password for this account.

All Others:
Non-RCTC students and employees may sign up to receive RCTC Emergency Alerts. If you wish to receive alerts as a text message, a phone message, or at an email address, you need to set up an account by using an email address as a user ID. You will also need to establish a password for this account.

All members of the College community are encouraged to contact the Campus Security Officer personally with any concerns and questions regarding campus security and related issues at 507-280-5050.

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Graduation is closer than you think. Get ready NOW. Have an advisor or counselor help you with your graduation plan.

Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor or counselor for help with your educational and career planning. Appointments help you determine what classes to register for next semester and discuss your progress thus far. Counselors can also help with personal, career and transfer planning. To make an appointment with either service professional, schedule online at call 507-285-7260.

Remember to use these very valuable tools to assist you and your advisor/counselor in schedule planning for accurate and timely degree completion at RCTC:

To access your DARS, login to the campus eServices website.

For detailed information on what DARS is and how to understand what it all means, click here.

Course Transfer System

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As partners, we’re interested in conversations about how our institution and services aid our students in reaching their goals. If you have a compliment or concern, we encourage you to share your thoughts about RCTC here.

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The Technology Support Center (TSC) is available for student’s technical issues here at RCTC, which includes login and printing issues, installing free software for home use, and guided assistance with laptops and mobile devices.

Additionally, the TSC has digital equipment checkout items and provides traditional media supplies.  A complete listing of TSC checkout items, supplies and services can be found on the TSC website.

Educational discount tip: as a student, if you plan on purchasing any new technology devices or software, ask for an educational discount! Most retailers offer discounts for college students which can save you quite a bit of money.

Remember: always be very careful when someone contacts you that you were not expecting (with an offer of employment, a free prize, your password has expired, etc., and asks for your personnel information, or for you to send them money). It is most likely a SCAM!

Semester Hours:
7:30am to 8pm – Monday-Thursday
7:30am to 4:30pm – Friday
9am to 1pm – Saturday

Semester Break:
Hours may vary

The TSC is located in our Welcome and One Stop Center, contact 507-536-5555 or for further information.

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