Online Orientation


RCTC is committed to serving the needs of transfer, distance learning, and returning students. We believe an orientation session is a fundamental building block to your success. The first step toward becoming an enrolled student is to view the orientation video below and print the registration guide and star session packet to review. These materials introduce you to important college policies, campus resources, and how to use our campus eServices, and distance learning tools.

After viewing the video and supplemental materials, submit the orientation verification.
You will receive a registration access code* and a notification that you are ready to register. *NOTE: Returning students will NOT have an access code.

Steps for Online Orientation:


1) Activate Your StarID Login/Password:

The StarID is a user-name with the goal of replacing your many login IDs with one ID, one password, everywhere. Once you activate it, you can use your StarID and password anywhere that accepts StarID. It is unique across the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, so you can use it at more than one school.

Activate your StarID


2) View the Orientation Video:

3) Am I Ready for Online Learning?

Take the Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment.

As part of your orientation to Rochester Community and Technical College, we ask that you pause and self-reflect on the questions related to online (distance) learning.  Please answer honestly- there is no scoring kept and no grade assigned, but rather to introduce you to the expectations within online coursework.

4) Review and Submit the Orientation Verification:

Orientation Verification*

*Returning students can register without the verification and skip to step 5 below.


5) Register for Classes in the eServices portal:

Register for classes

As a new student, if would like to work with an advisor on your course selection, RCTC requires you to attend a face to face Orientation Session. Sign up for an Orientation Session.

6) View the Supplemental Materials: