RCTC Leads Student to Dream Career

RCTC Leads Dakota Crider to Dream Career

RCTC was a breath of fresh air for this nature enthusiast. Kody Crider was three years into a History degree at Columbia College in Missouri to become a youth minister after serving two years in the Army when Mayo Clinic brought him to Rochester. He took a year to evaluate his life while working. Unfulfilled with his job, Kody began taking classes to earn a degree in environmental science in 2021.

Kody was impressed with the number of classes offered and the credentials of the instructors. The RCTC staff and faculty are empathic and truly work to support all students. “I am considered an adult learner, but the transition from work to school was easy.” Kody’s experience at RCTC emphasizes that instructors are clearly passionate about their fields of study and engage students by connecting classroom material to current events.

He has enjoyed digging into the science and job field. Last summer he worked with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as an intern. Kody plans to complete his degree at RCTC in the Fall of 2023 and transfer to Winona State University or the University of Minnesota to earn a bachelor’s degree.