RCTC Receives Funding for Mental Health Partnership Initiative

Rochester Community and Technical College is pleased to be awarded $50,000 as part of the Minnesota State College Mental Health Partnership initiative. The funding, awarded over the biennium, will help RCTC continue partnerships with mental health organizations to provide mental health care services to its students.

Funding for the mental health services initiative was provided as a result of the 2019 Legislative session. The Minnesota State College initiative provides additional resources to contract with one or more independent mental health organizations to provide students with mental health care, including the use of telemedicine, on the RCTC campus.

RCTC is one of five Minnesota State Colleges to receive funding for this initiative. All proposals were reviewed by a panel of Minnesota State faculty and staff including individuals who work directly with mental health services for students.

Mental health services provided by the partner organization will build upon the current support provided by RCTC faculty counselors. Mental health services will be provided without charge to students who are uninsured, who have high co-payments, or whose health insurance does not cover the service provided. The partnering mental health organization will also provide information and guidance to students seeking health insurance.