Statement Regarding Racially-charged Social Media Post

Rochester Community and Technical College was recently made aware of racially charged content posted on social media by a future RCTC student. Racism, racial bias, or any racists symbolism have absolutely no place at RCTC and is strongly and unequivocally condemned. We appreciate our community members bringing the issue to our attention.

At RCTC, we value our mission of providing a quality educational experience accessible to a diverse and growing community, regardless of race, religion, sexual and gender orientation, age, or social status.  Moreover, we pride ourselves on being a safe, welcoming, and inclusive campus for all learners.  We are committed to ensuring every member of our College community feels safe, valued, and respected. RCTC will not tolerate this type of behavior from students, employees, or members of our community.

RCTC encourages the free exchange of ideas and different perspectives, but hate images and speeches are something we do not condone.  While privacy laws prevent us from sharing details from any specific case, RCTC has policies in place that allow us to address discriminatory conduct.

If you or someone you know experiences harassment or bullying, please reach out to Jennifer Haug at  or file an official complaint online at

I assure you that all complaints will be investigated thoroughly and in a timely matter.

We must be laser focused in our work to ensure Rochester Community and Technical College is a safe and inclusive place for everyone.


Jeffery S. Boyd, Ed.D.

RCTC President