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Established in 1961, the Rochester Community and Technical College Foundation exists to support the mission of the College by providing support to students and programs at RCTC, enhancing the quality of education and the future of our students.

We offer scholarships, provide program support, connect alumni, host fundraising events and raise funds for scholarships.

The RCTC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all gifts are tax deductible.


There are many different types of charitable trusts. Some common examples include:

Trusts for the sole benefit of charitable beneficiaries:

  • Rather than giving assets directly/outright to a charity, a donor could create an irrevocable trust. The trust document would contain directions as to how the trustee should administer assets, how much to give to specific charitable beneficiaries each year (usually at least 5% of the trust’s value), and qualifying criteria for distributions (for example, to benefit a particular school area such as the library, or scholarships for a particular field of study).

“Split interest” trusts:

  • Charitable Lead Trust (CLT): This is a type of trust where the charity receives distributions for a certain amount of time, and after the trust terminates the remaining funds go to individual beneficiaries (such as family members).
  • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT): This is a type of trust where individual beneficiaries (such as family members) receive distributions for a certain amount of time, and after the trust terminates the remaining funds go to the charity.
  • Payment terms: A CLT or CRT can pay a fixed dollar amount during each year (an “annuity” trust), or they can pay a certain percentage of the trust value during each year (a “unitrust”).
  • Duration of the trust: A CLT or CRT can last for a fixed number of years, or can terminate upon a specific event (for example, a CRT may terminate after 20 years or upon an individual beneficiary’s death).

Many charitable trusts can provide some capital gains tax or estate tax relief to the donor, depending on the terms of the trust. The details and each personal situation is different. Some types of trusts are subject to regulations on permissible timeframes and distribution amounts. We cannot give tax or legal advice regarding your specific situation, and recommend our supporters consult with their CPA and attorney when updating their estate plans.



You are an alumni if you are a graduate from Rochester Community and Technical (RCTC), Rochester Community College (RCC), MN Riverland Technical College (MRTC), Rochester Technical College (RTC), Rochester Area Vocational Technical Institute (RAVTI), Rochester Area Vocational Institute (RAVI), Rochester State Junior College (RSJC), or Rochester Junior College (RJC).  As an alumni, you are among our most valued assets, and we want to keep you informed and connected with your alma mater. 

Board of Directors
Invest in Our Future
Beat the Odds

Beat the Odds is an annual fundraising event and scholarship program that celebrates students who have overcome tremendous odds to become personally and academically successful. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness of the struggles of many students in our community and recognize their ability to overcome difficulties. The event also provides an opportunity to highlight the support networks and people who reach out to help. For local businesses and community leaders, it is an opportunity to help college bound students achieve their dream by supporting this fundraising event.

Contact Information

Deb Ward, CFRE
RCTC Foundation Executive Director
HC109 - Heintz Center
Office: (507) 281-7770
Fax: (507) 280-2970
E-mail: deb.ward@rctc.edu

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