Funds for Excellence

The Rochester Community and Technical College Foundation’s Funds for Excellence provides funding for a wide variety of activities that contribute to the quality of the educational programs and services at RCTC. Funds are available to underwrite guest lectures and visiting scholars, enrich academic experiences, and other worthwhile projects that will be beneficial to Rochester Community and Technical College students and the community at large.

RCTC Theater Performs "Lions in Illyria"Types of Activities Funds for Excellence provide funding for:

  • Cost of bringing in speakers or consultants to expand knowledge of a subject area, technical skills, or awareness
  • Initiatives that support or enhance Rochester Community and Technical College
  • Program outreach efforts to RCTC students and the community at large
  • Special trips for students to perform at events, attend or present at conferences, host an exhibition, and tour industry facilities.
  • Equipment purchases to enrich academic experiences
  • Materials to enhance program support for students (research funds, etc.)


Foundation Funds for Excellence

Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for small project grants ($250-$5,000) that will enhance the quality of RCTC educational programs. Preference is given to projects that directly engage and enrich students in learning beyond the scope of our core curricula. Faculty may establish a Fund for Excellence designated to their program. Faculty that do not have a designated Fund for Excellence in their area can submit a grant for a general Foundation Funds for Excellence. Donations of any size can be made to the RCTC Foundation’s Fund for Excellence which is open to applications from all programs.

Designated Funds for Excellence

Donors can designate a fund to support a particular area or program at the college or can limit the types of educational activities supported by a fund. Examples of existing Funds for Excellence include:

  • John Haberman STEM Fund for Excellence (physics, engineering, chemistry, biology)
  • Montag Professional Growth Fund for Excellence (professional growth for nursing instructors)
  • Miranda Fund for Excellence (theater)
  • Leon and Linda Gregg Music Fund for Excellence (music)
  • Charles Hill Lectureship (all academic areas)
  • Lucia Stolp Carr (all academic areas)
  • Jan Streiff Fund For Excellence (social sciences, anthropology)
  • Trisko Fund for Excellence (all academic areas)

Establishing a designated Fund for Excellence

Programs may establish a designated Fund for Excellence to support their program in consultation with the RCTC Foundation. Donors may create a named Fund for Excellence in a designated area or with specific restrictions with a gift of $3,000 or more. Donors may establish an endowed Fund for Excellence with a gift of $15,000 or more. Foundation staff will work with the donor to establish the parameters of eligibility for the Fund (including eligible programs, types of projects, and maximum grant amounts) which will be documented in a gift agreement. Staff will be able to apply for funds with approval by the College and the RCTC Foundation. The RCTC Foundation will report back annually on the impact of these gifts.

To find out more about establishing a Fund for Excellence, please contact the RCTC Foundation at or 507-281-7771.