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Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program

College Courses for High School Students

Minnesota law allows high school juniors and seniors (whether currently in public, nonpublic, or home school) to take courses at eligible post-secondary institutions. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the post-secondary institution, but do not pay for tuition, fees, or required textbooks. You must complete a PSEO application for RCTC in order to be considered a PSEO student at RCTC. The Minnesota Department of Education will only cover PSEO expenses billed by the institution(s) to which PSEO students have been admitted. PSEO students will be responsible for any tuition, fees, and supplies at any institution(s) to which they are not admitted. They earn high school credit for courses and, if students continue their education beyond high school, colleges or universities may choose to transfer their completed coursework through PSEO as college credits. Several thousand Minnesota students are involved in the PSEO program every year – including hundreds of students from private schools and home schools. The PSEO Program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

PSEO also allows qualified public high school sophomores to take career and technical courses.

The RCTC PSEO program serves students from over 40 different high schools.  Most of the students start the program after completing tenth grade, and participate in the program until they graduate from high school.

Current PSEO Student Information:

(NOTE: additional forms will be emailed to the address provided on the application within 2 business days that the student will have to have for their appointment with their high school counselor.)

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