Adult Learners

Expect opportunity.

Going back to school is a big step for many adults. We welcome you to take that step with us.  We are experienced at helping adults successfully join our learning community.  In fact, students over the age of 26 represent 37% of our student body.

RCTC is dedicated to providing education and services for students at all life stages. Besides the Career Counseling Center and Academic Support Center, we offer a drop in tutoring center as well as a writing center. These services give students extra help to reach fulfill their goals.

Expect a simple application.

RCTC’s admission office has two ways to enroll into courses. You can apply the college by filling out the General Application or becoming a Visiting Student.

Expect credit for prior coursework and life experience.

Some adult learners have prior college experience. As part of our transfer admission process, RCTC evaluates official college transcripts. Discover more about transfer admission here.

Adult learners also have many life experiences which may contribute to their educational goals. Discover Credit for Prior Learning and how that may be able to be considered as part of your educational journey with us.

Expect affordability.

RCTC offers affordable tuition as you begin your educational journey. Discover our tuition and fees and how Financial Aid may help you with your education.  *Note: Students who hold a prior Bachelor’s degree (or greater) will be limited in financial aid eligibility.

You’ll also want to know about the Alliss Grant. This grant provides payment of tuition for one course–up to five semester credits–and also covers the cost of required textbooks for that course.

To qualify, the selected course must be part of an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree program. Grant recipients must be out of school for at least seven years. They may be first-time community college enrollees who graduated from high school at least seven years ago, or former college students who haven’t been in college for seven years.

Recipients must not hold baccalaureate or higher degrees. They must be legal Minnesota residents; those with reciprocity status are not eligible. Students already receiving financial aid or subsidized credit are excluded from the program.

Expect child care support.

RCTC has child care directly on campus.  The Civic League Day Nursery’s goal is to provide a warm, stimulating environment in which each child can learn and grow, and in which each child can build a positive self-image through his/her intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

CLDN is located on the west side of RCTC’s RCTC (main) campus.
Call (507) 285-7232 for more information.