Visiting Student

Registering for courses as a visiting student is an easy way to enroll in courses that will help you accomplish your educational goal. If you do not intend to seek a degree, diploma, or certificate, RCTC allows you to register as a visiting student.

Register for Courses

1. Register for your classes – Create a Minnesota State account and register online for your classes through our eServices. Contact the Welcome and One Stop Center for assistance at 507-285-7557.

Prerequisites: Registration in many courses may require a Visiting Student to demonstrate they met the defined course prerequisites. This includes the submission of unofficial copies of college transcripts, ACT Scores, SAT scores, and/or MCA scores. If your courses require you to show that you have met a certain prerequisite please complete the Prerequisite Evaluation for Visiting Student form, and submit this to the Welcome and One Stop Center or email them to

*If you don’t have the ability to demonstrate the proof that you have met the required prerequisites for the course please contact the Welcome and One Stop Center for further instructions.*

Check the registration window page to see when you are eligible to register.

2. Pay your tuition– See payment dates. Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid unless the student demonstrates the coursework is needed for prerequisites at a different institution. Contact our financial office regarding eligibility.

3. Purchase your books– Purchase them online at the RCTC Bookstore.

4. Set Up technology access, including e-mail – 24 hours after registering for classes. Your RCTC e-mail is the primary means by which the college communicates with students. Contact the RCTC Technology Support Center.


1. Manage your registration. Use eServices to review, as well as add and drop course(s) for which have registered. You can log in to eServices using your StarID.

2. Access your coursework. RCTC faculty use D2L Brightspace as their coursework platform. You can access the site from the RCTC home page under “Quick Links.” Use your StarID to log in.

3. Follow the Academic Calendar.  The student schedule includes breaks throughout the year.  See the academic calendar.

4. Know how to find academic support. It’s normal to need support to be successful. RCTC has many great resources to help you:

  • Find help for tutoring. RCTC’s students get tutoring support from the Comprehensive Learning Center.
  • Find support for disabilities. RCTC has many resources for students with documented disabilities.  Disability Support Services.
  • Find help from instructors. You’re encouraged to work with your Instructor(s) if you need clarification regarding assignments or to talk about your academic progress.
  • Advising.  RCTC’s Academic Advisors are assigned to degree-seeking students. If you need assistance from a counselor, please contact the Advising and Counseling Center at 507-285-7260 or see the list of Advisors and Counselors.

5. Academic Transcripts.  Need a copy of your academic record after the semester ends? RCTC students can get unofficial copies of their academic records in eServices. Official copies can be requested through the National Clearinghouse. Official transcripts do charge a fee.  Access copies of your transcript.