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Book Buyback
RCTC Foundations Scholarships
Studying for Finals
Receive Your Tax Forms Electronically
Register for 2022 Spring
Winter Weather Policies and Procedures


Sell your books from Fall semester to the RCTC Bookstore December 6-22, 2021. Your student ID is required.

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Rochester Community and Technical College is an exceptional value, but even affordable schools can be out of reach for some students. Scholarships help to ease the financial burden for most students and do not need to be repaid. Thanks to our generous donors, the RCTC Foundation will offer over $300,000 in scholarships to incoming, returning and graduating/transferring RCTC students. Scholarships can help pay for tuition, textbooks and class fees. Each award is based on a variety of criteria such as area of study, demographics, financial need, GPA and more.  The RCTC Foundation uses AwardSpring’s scholarship application system. Applicants fill out one application and the system generates the scholarships that they are eligible for based on their answers. Apply online at

Beginning in 2022 scholarship applications will be accepted three times a year. (Please note that this is a change from previous years)

    Graduating & Transferring Students = student who has completed the majority of their credits at RCTC and are graduating and transferring to a four-year institution.

    Scholarship Application Window Open: January 10 – February 14, 2022
    Reviewing of Scholarships: February 15 – March 4
    Notification of Awards: Week of March 5
    Award Ceremony: April 27
    Award Disbursed: Beginning Fall Semester 2022 – awards disbursed to your transferring institution
    Incoming = Student has never attended RCTC before (PSEO included)
    Returning = Student has attended for at least one semester 

Scholarship Application Window Open: April 18 – June 6, 2022
Reviewing of Scholarship: June 7 – 26
Notification of Awards: Week of June 27
Award Ceremony: October 2022
Award Disbursed: Beginning Fall Semester 2022 – awards disbursed to RCTC and entered into student’s eservices account

    Incoming = Student has never attended RCTC before (PSEO included)
    Returning = Student has attended for at least one semester 

Scholarship Application Window Open: September 26 – October 21, 2022
Reviewing of Scholarship: October 24 – November 11
Notification of Awards: Week of November 14
Award Ceremony: April 2023
Award Disbursed: Beginning Spring Semester 2023 – awards disbursed to RCTC and entered into student’s eservices account


If you have questions or need assistance with your application, please reach out to the RCTC Foundation office at or 507-281-7771

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Ideally, you should have been reviewing your notes every night after classes throughout the entire semester in preparation for finals. BUT LET’S FACE IT…not everyone has been preparing over the past several months for these last few weeks. Here are some tips offered which are easy to understand.

  1. Time management and scheduling is important during this time crunch. Use a time calendar or planner. It’s a good idea to write down the finals schedule on a calendar along with the times that you will study.
  2. Don’t confuse reviewing with cramming. The results of cramming are usually what one expects – failure.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast. Get at least seven hours of sleep. Try to stay away from acidic or greasy foods.
  4. Remember that it is OK and natural to feel some concern and anxiety over tests. This will help you focus on the task that lies ahead.
  5. To help prepare for the test, make sure you have an attitude of confidence as you go into the test. Visualization is a good strategy before the testing date. Imagining doing well on the test is a very effective way to boost self-esteem and confidence before the test.
  6. Arrive at the classroom about five minutes prior to the testing time. Be sure not to arrive too early because this could cause test anxiety.
  7. When beginning the test, look over the entire test and answer the easier questions first. Also, weigh the questions. Do the ones that are worth more points first to help boost your grade. If doing an essay, try to make an outline.
  8. Look for keywords throughout the test.
  9. Change the answers only if you are sure they are wrong.

Immediate Preparation:

  • Step One: At least three days before the exam, take about an hour (no more!) simply to read over your notes from the class sessions. At this point, do not try to study “intensely” (e.g., by trying to memorize things); JUST READ THEM THROUGH. Then do a read-through of the notes you have taken on your readings or of the sections you have highlighted. If you find yourself very confused, consult with your instructor–that’s what office hours are for!
  • Step Two: At least two full days before the exam, go back over your lecture notes. This time, go through them slowly, taking a few hours if necessary. Use a highlighter to mark important points (definitions, key events, etc.) and use a separate sheet of paper to jot down (1) central themes/ideas; and (2) areas where you are weak and will need extra “drilling.” Then go over the summaries (or highlighted sections) of your readings again, marking central themes and weak points on that separate sheet, which has become your “master outline.” If your instructor has given you specific study questions or the exact exam questions, focus your review on these questions, and end the session by writing an outline of answers you’d give to them.
  • Step Three: On the night before the exam (or the morning of, if the exam isn’t too early in the day and you have a block of time available), review the “master outline” sheet with central ideas and weak points. Spend extra time on the weak areas if you need to. If you have specific study questions or the exact exam questions, write out your answers as a kind of “dry run.” Then compare your answers with your notes. Spend extra time on the weak areas if you need to. This method of studying (or any similar multi-step method) is much more effective than “pulling an all-nighter” before the exam. It doesn’t take more time; it may even take less. It is also healthier because a good night’s sleep before an exam is important.

Ultimately, every student must find his or her own way of preparing for different types of examinations.

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You can receive your 2021 1098-T and W-2 tax forms electronically, rather than receiving a paper copy by U.S. mail.

 Some of the benefits include:

  • Quicker access to year-end tax forms
  • Reduce printing and mailing costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Visit your eServices site before the end of the semester and indicate that you’d like to receive your forms electronically.  If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 507-280-2953 or the Cashier’s Office at 507-285-7311.

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The degree-seeking student registration window is open for all returning RCTC students!

NEW Students:
Tentative – November 9: Spring 2022 Admitted, Degree-Seeking students
Tentative – November 9: Spring 2022 Non-Degree Seeking/Visiting Students

Web windows open at 7:30am.

Transfer students may register by participating in an orientation session or by completing the online orientation at

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor or counselor prior to registering for any term.

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All students are encouraged to sign up for the RCTC Emergency Alert, an emergency alert text messaging system that enables RCTC to notify subscribers of any campus-related emergency, such as potential campus safety hazards or campus closures due to weather.

During questionable weather conditions, a number of factors will be considered in making the decision on whether to delay the start of classes or close the campus.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Are state highways open and snowplows operating?
  • Are local transit systems running?
  • Is wind, cold, or ice a factor?
  • Are power or heating systems affected?

During an emergency, an emergency alert email will be sent to all RCTC students and employees, and a phone call/text message will be sent to all subscribers of the RCTC Emergency Alert system.  In addition, RCTC’s Facebook, Twitter, and website  will have up-to-date information, the College’s main switchboard will have a recorded message with the status of any campus closing (507-285-7210), and the following media outlets will be notified:

  • Radio:  KRCH/Laser 101.7; 102.5 (The Fox); KWEB; KROC AM/FM; Y105; KWWK, KLCX, and KDZZ
  • Television: KTTC-TV; FOX 47-TV and KAAL-TV

In the event of inclement weather, RCTC will make every effort to make an announcement by 6:00 am whether the campus will be closed or have a delayed start for the day.  The decision to cancel evening classes will be made by 3:00 pm.

Because weather and related road conditions are not the same in every area where students live, the decision as to whether it is safe to travel ultimately resides with each individual.

Please remember, the personal safety of the members of the campus community is RCTC’s number one priority in making any weather-related decision about campus operations.  See the complete RCTC Weather/Emergency Policy.

Faculty individually canceling classes for personal or medical leave will be posted here.

Other Helpful Information

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