Policy: Facility Use (6.7.2)

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(System Procedure 6.7.2)

Part 1. Purpose: The Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) campus is considered the hub for educational, recreational, social and cultural events in the community, and the College recognizes the vital role that freedom of expression plays at an institution of higher learning. The primary mission of RCTC is to provide educational services to its student body, but the College also acknowledges the importance of providing members of the community with the opportunity to be exposed to diverse cultural experiences, differing viewpoints, participate in civil discourse, and peacefully assemble.  This Policy and subsequent Procedure are designed to provide for the effective and efficient use of RCTC property and facilities.


Part 2. General Principles and Information: The Rochester Community and Technical College campus and facilities are primarily designed to serve the educational functions associated with RCTC and Winona State University Rochester (WSU-R).  RCTC and WSU-R functions take precedence over all uses of RCTC property and facilities, and any use of campus facilities by students or recognized student groups, non-affiliated organizations or other individuals must not interfere with the educational operations of RCTC or WSU-R.  This policy concerns the use, subject to approval, of all buildings and areas of campus.  The use of certain buildings may have other specific policies.  (The use of the Regional Sports Center, Regional Stadium, and Inflatable Bubble is controlled by additional policies and administered by the Director of Sports Facilities.  Those policies are available on the RCTC website.)

Part 3.  Procedures: To insure the interest and safety of the College, groups using the RCTC campus and facilities will adhere to the RCTC Facility Use Procedures

Part 4. Definitions:  For the purpose of this policy and procedure, the following definitions apply:

RCTC means Rochester Community and Technical College

WSUR means Winona State University – Rochester

RCTC Department means an official department within RCTC

Affiliated Organization means another Minnesota State Institution

Commercial Activities means selling or offering to sell any goods or services as well as the solicitation or promotion of any goods or services.

Enrolled Student means a student enrolled in one or more classes during the academic year in which use of the facilities is sought.

Non-Affiliated Organization means an organization not affiliated with Minnesota State.

Recognized Student Group means a student group officially recognized by RCTC.  See Minnesota State system Policy 2.1

Part 5. Prohibited Uses: Any activity that is prohibited by federal or state law or local ordinance is prohibited.  RCTC facilities cannot be used in a manner so as to make it appear that RCTC endorses a sectarian, religious, political or partisan position.  Members of the RCTC community are required to adhere to RCTC policies, including applicable employee or student codes of conduct, as well as any lease agreements.  Non‑affiliated organizations must abide by their lease agreements, as well as all federal, state or local laws.


Failure to abide by policies or agreements can lead to the cancellation of event use of facilities and prohibition of any further lease of facilities.


Part 6. Emergency Restrictions: RCTC reserves the right to cancel any scheduled use of its facilities due to weather and other emergencies.  RCTC retains the right to enter into agreements with local government units as needed to address any emergencies.


Part 7. Disclaimer: RCTC does not assume responsibility or obligation resulting from its decision to make facilities available pursuant to this Policy.  Nor does such a decision indicate support for an individual or organization’s objectives.  Users of RCTC facilities must comply with all federal, state and local laws.


Part 8. Appeals: Any decision made by the Vice President of Finance and Facilities may be appealed to the President. The appeal must clearly identify where the previous facilities decision was incorrect.  Review of the facilities use decision by the President shall be de novo.  No further appeals will be entertained.


Part 9. Parking/Access Fees:  A user parking fee will be charged to all employees and groups renting the facilities.  An access fee will be charged to all students.


Part 10. Posting Policy:  Persons wishing to advertise events and services at designated locations throughout the campus will abide by the Campus Posting Guidelines.


Part 11. Bookstore Policy:  The College will operate a Bookstore which provides an opportunity to purchase textbooks and other materials necessary for classes and activities of the College.


Part 12. Food Service Policy:  It is the policy of the College to provide for food service and vending through a contractual arrangement.


Date of Implementation:   Immediate

Date of Adoption: 1996

Revisions:  10/12/16