Policies – Alphabetical Listing

It is the responsibility of every student, employee, and visitor to the RCTC campus to be familiar with College policies and procedures.

Policies contained here will be made available, upon request, in an alternative format such as large print or audio tape.

NOTICE:  Every effort has been made to make the RCTC website accurate as of the date of publication; however, all policies, procedures, and fees are subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the faculty, the college administration, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board, or the Minnesota Legislature.

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System # Policy Name RCTC # Last Review Next Review Custodian
Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) Membership 3.2 Jan-20 2025 Academic Affairs
Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity Procedure
Nov-21 2026 Student Affairs
Academic Program Accountability 3.11 Jul-97 2013 Academic Affairs
Academic Program Inventory 3.36.1 Mar-22 2027 Academic Affairs
3.36 Academic Program Review 3.36 Nov-16 2021 Academic Affairs
3.34 Academic Semester Start Dates
Academic Calendars
System Office
Academic Standards 3.17.3 Oct-23 2028 Academic Affairs
2.9 Academic Standing
Satisfactory Progress – Academic
Satisfactory Progress – Financial Aid
Student Affairs
Student Affairs
5.22 Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources System Office
1B.4 Access and Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities System Office
7.6.2 Accounts Receivable Management
System Office
6.7.1 Acquisition and Disposition of Real Estate System Office
3.4 Admissions System Office
1B.2 Affirmative Action in Employment 1B.2 Jul-97 2013 Human Resources
5.18 Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus 5.18 Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
Animals on Campus Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
4.2 Appointment of Presidents System Office
3.3 Assessment for College Readiness System Office
7.3.2 Auxiliary Operations System Office
Awarding Credits 3.17.1 Jul-97 2013 Academic Affairs
5.9 Biennial and Operating Budget Planning and Administration Including Revenue Fund System Office
Bloodborne Infectious Disease 6.4.4 Feb-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
4.11 Board Early Separation Incentive Program System Office
1A.2 Board of Trustees System Office
1C.1 Board of Trustees Code of Conduct System Office
7.6 Business Activities System Office
Campus Posting Nov-16 2021 College Relations
5.24.5 Campus Security System Office
2.1 Campus Student Associations  & Student Senate Constitution and Bylaws 2.1 March-18 2023 Student Affairs
7.3.6 Capital Assets System Office
6.9 Capital Planning System Office
3.38 Career Information System Office
6.7.4 Carpentry Program Administration System Office
5.22.2 Cellular and Other Mobile Computing Devices System Office
3.28 Charter School Sponsorship System Office
Children on Campus Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
1A.11 College and University Names and Permanent Locations System Office
3.29 College and University Transcripts System Office
3.32 College Faculty Qualifications 3.32 Sep-06 2013 Academic Affairs
3.32.1 College Faculty Credentialing 3.32.1 Sep-06 2013 Academic Affairs
8.3 College- or University- Related Foundations 8.3 Feb-17 2022 President
3.30 College Program Advisory Committees System Office
8.3.1 College-, University-, and System Office-Related Foundations System Office
7.6.1 Competition with Private Sector System Office
1B.4 Complaint Procedure for Students with a Disability 1B.4.1 Mar-07 2013 Academic Affairs
Continuing Education and Customized Training 3.30 Mar-18 2023 Academic Affairs
3.27 Copyrights System Office
7.3.4 Cost Allocation System Office
Course Readiness 3.3.1 Apr-01 2013 Academic Affairs
Course Repetition 3.17.4 Jun-16 2021 Academic Affairs
Course Standards 3.17.2 Jul-97 2013 Academic Affairs
3.22 Course Syllabi and Course Outlines 3.22.1 Mar-18 2023 Academic Affairs
3.35 Credit for Prior Learning System Office
1A.2.2 Delegation of Authority System Office
6.10 Design and Construction System Office
Developmental Studies 3.3.2 Jul-97 2013 Academic Affairs
7.3.17 Electronic Payments System Office
5.24.3 Emergency Management System Office
4.8 Emeritus Status 4.8.1 Feb-15 2020 Human Resources
1C.0.1 Employee Code of Conduct System Office
Employee Communication Mar-18 2023 Technology
4.9 Employee Evaluation System Office
Employee Evaluation Procedure (Classified and Unclassified Professionals/Supervisory) 4.9.2 Jun-05 2013 Human Resources
Employee Evaluation Procedure (Faculty Evaluation) 4.9.1 Aug-23 2028 Human Resources
1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education
System Procedure Procedure 1B.1.1 Investigation and Resolution
Nov-16 2021 Human Resources
Equipment Use 5.22.2 Jan-07 2013 Technology
6.7.2 Facilities Use (Policy and Procedure) 6.7.2 Apr-23 2028 Finance/Facilities
6.11 Facility Management and Operations System Office
1C.4 Fiduciary Duty – System Pension Plans System Office
7.3 Financial Administration System Office
7.1 Financial and Administrative Authority of Board, Chancellor and President System Office
7.3.16 Financial Health Indicators System Office
7.5 Financial Institutions and Investments System Office
7.4 Financial Reporting System Office
7.3.1 Foundation Donations and Payroll Deductions System Office
1C.2 Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts System Office
Fresh Start 3.17.7 Oct-13 2018 Academic Affairs
5.15 Fundraising and Resource Development
Procedure 7.7.1
Nov-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
Grade Appeal 3.8.1 Feb-23 2028 Academic Affairs
3.31 Graduate Follow-up System System Office
Graduation Requirements 3.17.8 Nov-22 2027 Academic Affairs
5.24.1 Hazardous Waste Management and Donated Materials System Office
Hiring Policy 4.2 Sept-22 2027 Human Resources
Hiring Procedure 4.2.1 Sept-22 2027 Human Resources
3.18 Honorary Degrees System Office
Immunization Record 3.4.1 May-17 2022 Student Affairs
7.3.7 Impairment of Capital Assets System Office
5.13 Information Technology Administration System Office
3.26 Intellectual Property System Office
2.6 Intercollegiate Athletics 2.6 Feb-17 2022 Student Affairs
Key and Proximity Card Access 5.23.1 Dec-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
6.7.2 Leasing College or University Property for Non-College and University Activities System Office
8.5 Local Advisory Committees System Office
7.5.1 Local Cash and Investments System Office
1A.10 Long-Term Emergency Management System Office
Mass Email 5.22.3 Jan-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
5.12.1 Military Service and Disabled Veterans System Office
1A.1 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Organization and Administration System Office
3.21 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum System Office
6.8 Naming Buildings, Sites and Common Areas System Office
3.23 Naming Colleges and Universities System Office
4.10 Nepotism System Office
1D.1 Office of Internal Auditing System Office
Official Student Communication 2.15 Feb-17 2022 Student Affairs
Official Student Communication Procedure 2.15.1 Feb-17 2022 Student Affairs
Parking Fees and Enforcement 5.11.2 Nov-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
Participation in Credit and Non-Credit Courses 3.11.1 Nov-16 2021 Academic Affairs
5.12.5 Payment Plans System Office
5.12.3 Payment Related Dates and Registration Cancellation System Office
4.1 Personnel Plan for Excluded Administrators System Office
5.21 Possession or Carry of Firearms (Also See: Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence – 1B.1.3) System Office
Post-Season Travel 2.6.1 Feb-24 Feb-29 Student Affairs
3.5 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program 3.5 Aug-99 2013 Student Affairs
1B.1.2 Preferred Name 1B.1.2 Jul-16 2021 Student Affairs
5.14 Procurement and Contracts System Office
5.24.4 Public Access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices System Office
Publications 2.8.3 Mar-18 2023 Student Affairs
5.14.5 Purchasing 5.14.5 Nov-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
7.3.3 Purchasing Cards 7.3.3 Apr-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
6.7 Real Estate Transactions System Office
1B.0.1 Reasonable Accommodations in Employment System Office
3.40 Recognition of Veteran Status System Office
4.6 Re-Employment of Early Retirees System Office
5.12.4 Refund of Tuition and Fees System Office
5.12 Refunds, Withdrawals, and Waivers System Office
1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution System Office
5.10. Reserves and Year-End Balances System Office
Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) 5.12.1 Sept-18 2023 Finance/Facilities
1C.0.2 Respectful Workplace
1.B.3.1 Response to Sexual Violence
Return to Title IV Refund 7.4.1 Oct-23 2028 Student Affairs
7.3.5 Revenue Fund Management System Office
5.16 Risk Management and Insurance System Office
4.7 Sabbatical Leaves System Office
5.24 Safety and Security Compliance System Office
5.24.2 Safety and Security Standards, Rules and Practices System Office
Satisfactory Progress – Academic 2.9.1 May-21 2026 Student Affairs
Satisfactory Progress – Financial Aid 2.9.2 Oct-23 2028 Student Affairs
7.3.12 Scholarships System Office
Security Camera on Campus Jan-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
5.23 Security and Privacy of Information Resources System Office
Sex Offender Notification Procedure 1.B.3.2 Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
1.B.3 Sexual Violence 1.B.3 System Office
5.20. Special Expenses and Chancellor/Presidential Expense Allowances System Office
2.2 State Residency System Office
3.7 Statewide Student Association System Office
Student Activities/Clubs 2.8.2 Mar-18 2023 Student Affairs
3.8 Student Complaint and Grievances 3.8 Sep-16 2021 Academic Affairs
3.6 Student Conduct
Student Conduct Procedure
Student Affairs
Student Data Practices 2.14 Feb-19 2024 Student Affairs
4.5 Student Employees 4.5 Apr-06 2013 Human Resources
Student Excused Absences 2.8.4 Mar-22 2027 Academic Affairs
Student Health Service 2.12 Dec-21 2026 Student Affairs
2.10 Student Housing System Office
Student Identification Card 2.16.4 Oct-16 2021 Student Affairs
2.3 Student Involvement in Decision-Making 2.3 Sep-13 2018 Student Affairs
2.8 Student Life 2.8 Jun-20 2025 Student Affairs
Student Life Awards 2.8.5 Mar-18 2023 Student Affairs
3.1 Student Rights  3.1 Jul-97 2013 Academic Affairs
7.3.13 Surplus Personal Property/Building Disposal System Office
5.17 Sustainability, Resources Conservation and Recovery, and Environmentally Responsible Practices System Office
1A.4 System Administration Appointment of Administrators System Office
1A.3 System Administration, Chancellor System Office
3.23.1 System Affiliation Identifier System Office
3.24 System and Institutional Missions 3.24 May-16 2021 President
Technology Assets Refresh 5.13.1 April-21 2026 Technology
Tobacco Use and Sale (Smoking) 5.18.2 Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
3.39 Transfer Rights and Responsibilities System Office
3.21 Transfer Standards (Undergraduate Course and Credit Transfer and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum) 3.21.1 Feb-24 Feb-29 Academic Affairs
5.19 Travel Management 5.19 Nov-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
5.11 Tuition and Fees 5.11 Sept-18 2023 Finance/Facilities
5.12.2 Tuition Waiver, Deferrals, and Retroactive Drops System Office
2.2.2 U.S. Military Members, Spouses and Dependent Children System Office
3.4 Undergraduate Admissions

Procedure 3.4.1

System Office
5.25 Use of Electronic Signatures System Office
6.7.3 Use of Non-College and University Facilities (College or University as Lessee/Tenant) System Office
4.0.1 Use of Volunteers Procedure and Volunteer Coaching Release of Liability Form System Office
Vendor Policy Sep-17 2022 Student Affairs
8.3.2 Waiver to College-, University-, and System-Related Foundations System Office
4.4 Weather/Emergency Closings 4.4 Dec-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence 1B.1.3 Feb-17 2022 Human Resources