Policies – Facility

System # Policy Name RCTC # Last Review Next Review Custodian
Animals on Campus Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
Bloodborne Infectious Disease 6.4.4 Feb-22 2027 Finance/Facilities
Campus Posting Nov-16 2021 College Relations
6.9 Capital Planning System Office
6.7.4 Carpentry Program Administration System Office
Children on Campus Oct-21 2026 Finance/Facilities
6.10. Design and Construction System Office
Facilities Use (Policy and Procedure) 6.4.2 Apr-23 2028 Finance/Facilities
6.11 Facility Management and Operations System Office
6.8 Naming Buildings, Sites and Common Areas System Office
Sports Center Scheduling Guideline
6.7 Real Estate Transactions System Office
Vendor Policy Sep-17 2022 Student Affairs