Course Repetition

A course taken at Rochester Community and Technical College may be repeated. Restrictions may apply regarding repeating courses for a grade change, for audit only, and/or for additional credit. Financial aid eligibility may be affected by repeating or auditing a class. See the RCTC Course Repetition Policy 3.17.4.

These courses may be taken twice for credit.

ACCT 2850, Accounting Internship
ART 2292, Studio Problems
AOP 2840, AOP Internship
HIMC 2850, HIT Internship
HIMC 2855, HIT Internship
HIMC 2860, HIT Internship
BUS 2290, Business Topics
BUS 2296, Business Internship
ENGL 2260, Literature: Topical Studies
FREN 1111, French Conversation Topics
HORT 2301, Directed Study
HORT 2302, Directed Study
HORT 2303, Horticulture Internship
HORT 2390, World Horticulture
HORT 2399, Horticulture Seminar
HUC 1529, Health Unit Coordinator Internship
LAWE 2250, Internship for Law Enforcement
MUSC 2601, Studio Problems
PHED 2294, Physical Education Internship
REC 2294, Recreation Internship
REC 2220, Great River Adventures
CHEM 2297, Chemistry Research (can be taken 4 times)
MUSC 1602, Electronic Music Composition II (can be taken 3 times)

These courses may be taken for credit each semester for a total of four semesters.

MUSC 1301, Concert Choir
MUSC 1302, Concert Band
MUSC 1321, Aires
MUSC 1322, Jazz Band
MUSC 1331, Vocal Ensemble
MUSC 1332, Instrumental Ensemble
MUSC 1340, World Drum Ensemble
MUSC 1440, Applied Music – Instrumental: String
MUSC 1450, Applied Music – Vocal
MUSC 1460, Applied Music – Instrumental: Piano
MUSC 1470, Applied Music – Instrumental: Woodwind
MUSC 1480, Applied Music – Instrumental: Brass
MUSC 1490, Applied Music – Instrumental: Percussion
COMM 2292, Speech Activity