Policy: Course Repetition (3.17.4)

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Definition: A class taken at Rochester Community and Technical College may be repeated. However, the following categories identify whether classes may be repeated for a grade change, for audit only, and/or for additional credit. Note: financial aid eligibility may be affected by repeating or auditing a class.

Part 2. Guidelines:
CATEGORY I: Classes with the same course number but with different content including internships, directed studies, studio problem, field experience.
*Category I classes may be taken twice for credit.
*Classes may be taken additional times by auditing.
*Because the class content varies, a student taking the same course number a second time cannot replace the first grade with the second. (Some departments, such as the English Department, have specific rules that apply to Category I class repetition. These departmental rules apply when they are spelled out in the catalog.)

CATEGORY II: Student Life Activity Classes. These are classes taken for credit associated with a Student Life Activity. These activities may be taken for credit each semester for a total of four semesters. After the four-credit maximum has been reached they may be taken by audit only. A Student Life Activity class may not be repeated for a grade change.

Any intercollegiate team sport may be taken twice for credit. They may not be repeated for a grade change.
(Courses below represent a suggestion by the Health/PE Dept. to revise the team sport numbers to reflect a two semester numbering sequence.)

CATEGORY III: Academic classes with the same course number and the same content.
*This category includes the majority of courses.
*All courses not included in Categories I or II are included here, including physical education and health.
*These classes may not be repeated for additional credit but may be repeated for a grade change or by auditing.

Part 3. Process: The Vice President of Academic Affairs will provide the Registrar with an updated list of courses in each category annually. The list will also be posted on the college website as part of the online catalog.

Date of Implementation: Fall 2004

Date of Adoption: 3/18/04; 6/27/16 (listing of specific courses removed from policy)