Credit For Prior Learning

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As an adult student, you have gathered experiences, knowledge, and skills during your life and work experiences. RCTC honors your learning outside the classroom and has processes to help identify and document this learning and to grant college credits. Prior Learning is a way to reduce tuition costs and can shorten the time it takes students to earn a college certificate, diploma, or degree.

Our average student applying for prior learning earns six (6) credits, with many earning 12 or more.

Are you interested in earning credit for prior learning? Check out the options below and contact your academic advisor to complete the process via AdvisorVue.


“Choosing to enroll and attain my college degree after being away for many years, I was able to complete some of the required classes quicker through the Credit for Prior Learning opportunity. I was able to use my previous and current work experience and AHDI certification to complete at least six of the required Administrative and Healthcare Office Professional Program courses by demonstrating I had the skills and experience needed to pass the classes through credit for prior learning.”–JU, RCTC Administrative/Executive Office Professional student



Options for Earning Credit for Prior Learning