WSU Path to Purple

Transferring to WSU-Rochester: A Special Partnership

RCTC studentRCTC and Winona State University-Rochester have had a special relationship for many years. The two institutions share facilities and important academic support functions like the bookstore, library, comprehensive learning center and proctoring center. The transfer pathways between the two are many, and collectively are often referred to as Path to Purple:

  • Students can directly enroll in RCTC to earn an eventual bachelor’s degree awarded by WSU-Rochester. Students generally transfer from RCTC after earning an AA or AS degree, and continue their study without leaving Rochester. They get WSU-R instruction in classrooms at RCTC, through interactive television (ITV) and online.
  • Students can directly enroll in RCTC and work toward a bachelor’s degree offered by WSU on the Winona campus. Frequently there are prescribed times for these students to “leave” RCTC and “begin” WSU studies.
  • Students can directly enroll in RCTC and “discover” WSU as a destination for eventual bachelor’s study. These students can apply for admission to WSU, and the university’s transfer policy provides considerable flexibility for when they can leave RCTC and begin WSU in Winona.
  • Finally, students who do not initially qualify for admission to WSU can enroll in RCTC to gain sufficient academic standing to qualify them for acceptance to WSU.

You can view a list of the degrees offered by WSU-R at:

Students who are interested in any of the Path to Purple options should contact advising staff at both institutions to confirm availability of individual transfer paths. Contact the shared RCTC/WSU Advisor at 507-285-7557.