Loan Exit Counseling

Students are advised to meet with their Advisor or Counselor
prior to dropping or withdrawing from any coursework.

As you change your enrollment status at RCTC, special rules apply.  See information below if you are graduating, transferring or dropping below 6 credits – especially if you have borrowed student loans.

Dropping/Withdrawing below 6 credits:

Dropping or Withdrawing below 6 credits (including total withdraw) will affect your academic standing.   You are required to complete at least 67% of the courses you register for to remain eligible for Financial Aid.   See the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and/or meet with your counselor or advisor for more information.

If you withdraw from all courses, you may be required to repay a portion of your Financial Aid funding. Your repayment is based on the number of days you attended classes. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information if you are considering a total withdrawal.

Student Employment:  If you drop or withdraw below 6 credits, you must stop working.

Student Loan Borrowers:  The 6 month grace period begins on your student loan once you below 6 credits.  You must complete a Loan Exit Session at to ensure you receive important information about your loan repayment.  You will also receive information about deferments available if you return to College in the future.  Visit to complete the Exit Counseling Session.

Graduating Students (and those transferring to a new College):

If you are graduating or transferring at the end of the current semester, we would ask that you take a minute to stop at the Financial Aid Office to touch base with us. During this visit we will make sure any pending aid has been cancelled and that you do not have any holds that would prevent you from getting your diploma or obtaining a copy of your academic transcript.   This is especially important if you are continuing your education at another College or University.

If you are a student loan borrower, you will receive information about the required Loan Exit Counseling Session you must complete at

The Financial Aid Office strongly encourages students to meet with their Advisor or Counselor prior to dropping or withdrawing from courses.