Student Employment

ATTENTION: If you did not receive a Work Study award on your Financial Aid Award Letter, and you are interested in working on or off campus, please email your name and Star ID to Cheryl Morgan to request that your name be added to the Work Study waiting list.

Job TitleContact e-mail
Athletic Department
Baseball Team
Women's Basketball Team
Athletic Game
Athletic Event
Football Team
Athletic Training
Mens Basketball Team
Athletic Equipment Manager
Sports Center Site
Volleyball Team
Open Gym
Music Technician for Sporting
Athletic Office
Fitness Center
Athletic Office
Wrestling Office
Child Care Centers
In-Home Licensed Child Care Assistant-Off
Bilingual Marketing and Social Media
Bilingual Preschool Play
Child Development Department
Child Care
Art/Clerical/Food Cupboard/Grounds Keeper/Library/Music/WSU
Records Office
Equity and Inclusion Resource Center
Counseling Office Assistant
Disability Support Services
ECHO Editorial
Learning Center Greeter (Main Area)

Goddard Library Circulation Desk Assistant
PSEO General Clerical
Front Line Student
Faculty Assistant/Tutor
Assessment of Student Learning Assistant to Faculty
Business Division
Drawing Tutor/Studio
Student Lab Assistant-Nursing
Student Laboratory
Heintz Center
CAD Office/Faculty
Dental Hygiene Student
Foundation Office
Facilities and Service Technician Student
Horticulture Lab
Office Assistant-Info
Surgical Tech Student Lab
Vet Tech Lab/Office
Vet Tech Lab and Office
Horses: Stable Assistant
IT Support
Library Technology Center
Technology Support Center
Security Officer
Job Application
Student Life Event