Policy: Fundraising and Resource Development (7.7)

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Request for Public Support Form

Grant Writing Approval Form

Gifts in Kind Form


Part 1. Definitions: Rochester Community and Technical College and its Foundation may apply for, receive, and accept funding from alternative sources consistent with our mission. General criteria and procedures are established to coordinate and monitor the solicitation of grants and gifts of cash, securities, or other goods or services, including actual gifts, pledges, and planned gifts, to support College programs, scholarships, student activities, endowments and capital expansion.


Part 2. Solicitation: Fundraising campaigns are defined as organized efforts to solicit gifts and grants for any college purpose. The RCTC Policy on fundraising and authority to approve and conduct fundraising campaigns applies to all forms of fundraising, whether conducted by the College, RCTC Foundation, support groups, or individuals or organizations outside the College. All fundraising activities must conform to established RCTC programs and policies and a record of all solicitation must be maintained and reported in accordance with established procedures.


Part 3. Gifts-in-Kind: Gifts-in-Kind refers to donations of objects, services, materials, and resources other than cash. Any RCTC employee, student, alumnus/alumni, parent group, or other person accepting a gift-in-kind on behalf of the College must complete a Gifts Acceptance form.


Part 4. Request Support from the Public: Any club/organization and/or person engaging in sales, raffles, drawings, lotteries, etc. for the purpose of Rochester Community and Technical College or its Foundation, must submit an Application to Request Support from the Public. Coordination will ensure continuity of our development efforts and prevent duplication of requests and negative feelings and results from community supporters and donors.


Part 5. Grant Writing: Any person requesting grant funding from any federal, state or local government agency, or to any private corporation or foundation on behalf of the College must first submit a Grant Writing Approval form.


Date of Implementation: Immediately

Date of Adoption: 11/28/00

Revisions Approved:
4/28/16 – Updated process
9/14/16 – Updated titles and logo on policy and forms
11/2/21 – Procedures separated from policy