Policy: Affirmative Action (1B.2)

See PDF copy of this policy.

(System Policy 1B.2)

Rochester Community and Technical College endorses and is committed to Minnesota State College and University Board Policy on affirmative action in employment and to promoting genuine equal employment attitudes and opportunities to all persons. The College’s affirmative action program, policies, procedures, practices, and standards will be designed, implemented and maintained to carry out the commitment to support aggressive affirmative action steps and programs intended to remedy the historical under-representation of persons of color, women, and persons with disabilities in the work force.

Rochester Community and Technical College further believes that diversity enhances the campus environment and that employment and educational outcomes are intertwined. Accordingly, the College is committed to the representation of both male and female role models of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds and abilities and disabilities, and will strive to evidence this diversity in all areas of the campus community in support of promoting and developing, in students and staff, the attitudes and awareness which our laws intend to promote.

It shall be the responsibility of all employees of the College to promote and apply the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action in their work and to cooperate fully with the College’s affirmative action plan and program.