Student Success Day

We have rescheduled some of the Student Success Day sessions. Talk to your instructor to see if they will still accept extra credit for attending - there will be proof of attendance handed out at these make-up sessions.


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April 8
2 p.m.
Financial Literacy SH210
April 8 2 p.m. MNSure 101 HS128
April 8
3 p.m.
Academic Decathlon of Successful Students SH110
April 15
2 p.m.
Financial Literacy HS128
April 15 2 p.m. Path to Purple SH210
April 15 3.p.m. Creepers' Delight: What you put on the Internet stays on the Internet. Forever. SH210
MNsure is a new online marketplace where Minnesotans will be able to find, compare, choose and get quality healthcare coverage that best fits their needs and budget. Jacob Grippen, Community Outreach Liaison - Southeast Region, will provide a general overview of what MNsure is, who it serves, and how MNsure works. After the presentation, certified MNsure navigators will be available on site to help you sign up for health insurance coverage
Natasha Thompson IT’S THE GAME OF LIFE!!! We all want to arrive at the finish line with the most money in our pocket. The decisions you make now will affect your journey along the way. Thinking of changing your major? DETOUR! Failed your class? Return to Start! Learn how to avoid the financial pitfalls of college and advance in LIFE using simple money management skills, such as creating a budget and monitoring your credit score.
Kim Stanton Going to college has some similarities to competing in a decathlon. Both have a combination of elements requiring different skills. Both take careful preparation, well planned strategies and hard work. Statistics tell us that many students never make it to their second year of college. If you want to complete your college education there are some things that you can do now to improve your odds. This presentation will cover 10 simple strategies that will not only significantly improve the probability of your success at RCTC, but will also help you in your future career.
Kate Wallace Do you publicly tweet? Post a daily blog registered to your name? Upload Facebook albums so friends of your 600 friends can see them? Screenshot Snapchats for later viewing and sharing? FRIENDED YOUR BOSS ON FB???? More and more employers (and others!) are checking public online activity as part of the hiring process. While you shouldn’t compromise who you are, it’s good to be aware that people are seeing what you put on the interwebs, because it stays around forever. Brought to you by RCTC’s social media admin and professed creeper.
Paula Carlsen and Trent Dernbach This presentation will include staff from both RCTC and WSU-R. The goal is to explain the curriculum and transition process, as well as the student services available for our Path to Purple students.

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