Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus

Alcohol and Drug-Free Campus

The possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are prohibited on the college campus or during any college sponsored activity, either on or off-campus for students, college employees and campus visitors. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the College President, consistent with MnSCU policy 5.18.1.

Violations, including “underage” drinking, are of serious concern and are aggressively addressed through the College’s Student Conduct Policy, applicable employee bargaining unit agreements, state statutes and federal laws.

Education and screening programs in the areas of alcohol and drug abuse are offered on campus and online. Referrals to local community resources will be made for individuals needing rehabilitation or treatment.

See the College’s Alcohol or Controlled Substances policy (RCTC Policy 5.18)

The College’s Drug and Alcohol Free Campus Act Biennial Review is available in the Chief Student Affairs Officer’s Office.