Plaza-Memorial Hall Project

In May 2018, Governor Mark Dayton signed the 2018 Capital Investment and Bonding Bill which appropriated funding for RCTC’s Plaza-Memorial Hall project.  The $22.9M project features construction of new space, renovation of existing spaces, and demolition of four buildings including Plaza Hall, Memorial Hall, the old Maintenance Garage, and the old Child Care Center.


Construction Update: September 4, 2020

Watch a time lapse of the construction. (Click on “Time-Lapses.”)

Construction Progress:

  • Memorial and Plaza Hall buildings have been demolished
  • New Chiller Plant equipment has been commissioned and is operational
  • Courtyard waterproofing work has been completed
  • Courtyard retaining wall and trellis has been completed
  • North access drive near Atrium has been reconstructed
  • RPU overhead power lines have been moved underground along the south side of the Main Campus
  • New west windows and exterior doors have been installed at Art Hall
  • Fourth floor fire shutter door has been installed at Art Hall
  • New exterior door and sidelight have been installed at Endicott Hall
  • New skylight (replacement) installation in Courtyard has been completed
  • Much of the new courtyard sidewalks, paved areas, stairs, lighting, drainage basins, and finish grading has been completed

Current Status:

  • Sod installation near the new Memorial Hall west entrance is scheduled to begin Wednesday, September 9th
  • Sod installation near the new Chiller Plant is scheduled to begin Friday, September 11
  • Misc. electrical and technology equipment work is scheduled to be completed by September 20
  • Courtyard concrete paving and landscaping (sod, seeding, and shrubs/trees) installation work is ongoing and planned to be completed by September 18
  • Temp. construction fencing along west Courtyard will be removed by Friday, September 18
  • All project work is planned to be substantially complete by Monday, September 21

Construction Update: August 2, 2019

Check out this Rochester Post-Bulletin article from the Rochester Post-Bulletin showcasing all the progress made on this project.

Construction Update: June 25, 2019

The project is continuing on pace with crews painting, putting up ceiling grids, installing new walls, and so much more.

Construction Update: April 1, 2019

Beginning today, work will commence on our new chiller plant located on the east side of Main Campus near East Hall and the Loading Dock.  Below outlines presently scheduled work:

  • Today: Tree and shrub removal, review utility locating
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: begin digging for new foundation pending no issues with utility locating
  • Ongoing: Construction of footings, foundations, structure

A few important notes:

  1. New safety fencing is in place which impacts parking near the loading dock.  Four spaces will remain open for RCTC and Lancer vehicles only.  No personal parking is allowed.
  2. Delivery access will be maintained to the loading dock  throughout the project with the exception of some planned disruption which will be kept to the minimum.
  3. Loading dock disruptions have yet to be determined, but will be communicated in advance.
  4. Below is a graphic showing where work is occurring.








Construction Update Week of February 18 Photos

Construction Update 1/18:

Crews are working primarily on interior demolition in Endicott Hall with some work in Singley and Coffman.  Looking forward to the next few weeks, crews will wrap up interior demolition, begin rough-in work for mechanical systems, demolish the old maintenance building (week of 2/4), set up tree protection, dig and pour footings for new addition (week of 2/11), and begin to connect site utility work.  Please note: these dates and projects are estimates and will change often.

Construction Week Four (1/14-1/18)

Construction Week Three (1/7-1/11) Photo Gallery

Construction Week Two (12/31-1/4) Photo Gallery

Construction Week One (12/24-12/28) Photo Gallery

Coffman Door 26 Update: December 26, 2018

As we previously announced, Coffman Building Door 26 is being taken off line due to the Plaza-Memorial Hall Project.  Crews have finished putting up the exterior gates and fencing and have closed Door 26 to traffic.  All foot traffic coming and going from the Main Campus West Lot must now use Door 24 in the Health Sciences Building.

Parking Update: December 13, 2018

Map showing faculty and staff parking at RCTCBeginning December 26, 2018, portions of the Main Campus West Parking Lot will be closed as a result of this project.  The area currently dedicated for faculty and staff on the west side of the Main Campus will be taken offline and those who normally park in that portion of the lot will need to adjust their routines during the construction period. This closure impacts approximately 80 parking stalls, but to help alleviate the issue, current metered parking in the first row of the visitor/student portion of the West Lot as well as additional metered spaces in the lot nearest the building by the handicapped spaces and the bus drop off is being reserved for faculty and staff use resulting in 35 dedicated spaces (make sure you have your employee parking stickers visible on your vehicle windows).  Employees will also be allowed to park in any student parking lot at the Main Campus. We know this situation and resolution isn’t perfect, but the space in the West Employee Parking Lot is necessary to stage construction materials and equipment for the project, and the campus does have ample parking, it may just require a few more steps to the entrance than usual.  This is also being done to protect students, employees and visitors, and ensure safety and security between the construction work zone and College operations.

Our general contractor will be installing construction fencing and barriers beginning on or around December 27th, so we ask for your patience and cooperation as this project will impact parking, traffic, and pedestrian flow. I’ve also been informed an appropriate path will be accessible for those that take the bike path from the student housing complexes, but those parking or walking in from the westside of the buildings are reminded Door 26 (Coffman entrance) will be closed beginning December 22nd, and all foot traffic to and from the area are encouraged to use Door 24 (Health Sciences entrance).

As a reminder, parking is also available in the Gravel Lot adjacent to the Sports Center, as well as the East and North Lots on the other side of the buildings.  This parking lot closure does not impact parking at Heintz or the Sports Center.  The parking lot closure is anticipated to last into 2020.

Initial Project Update: November 30, 2018

Beginning in a few weeks, work will begin on the Plaza Memorial Hall project.  Market & Johnson (M&J) General Contractors out of Eau Claire/La Crosse was awarded the Contract for the project.  While the final completion date of the project is summer of 2020, many aspects of this multi-faceted project will be finished earlier.

As you may recall, this project encompasses the addition, renovation, and demolition of spaces on the RCTC Main Campus.  The new Memorial Hall will be added on to Endicott, Coffman, and Singley Halls on the west side of Main campus.  A new chiller plant will be constructed near the loading dock on the east side of Main Campus.  Spaces in Endicott, College Center, Singley, and Science and Technology will see renovation work.  The existing Plaza and Memorial Halls will be demolished.

Crews from Market & Johnson will begin mobilizing just before winter break—you may see some preliminary utility work performed outside by RPU in preparation for M&J work.


Door 26 (Coffman/Endicott) which leads to the bus shelter and west parking lot will be taken out of service at the close of business on 12/21/18.  Door 28 which is an exit only door from Endicott Hall towards the fire lane and maintenance garage will also be taken out of service at that time.  All foot traffic will be directed to Door 24 at the Health Sciences Building.

Construction personnel will begin placing dust control measures and temporary walls in Endicott Hall on 12/26/18.  The staircase at the end of Coffman may be impacted by this closure, but we will work to keep it partially open.

Later this winter:

Access to the courtyard will cease February 1st when work begins on digging and pouring the footings for the addition and demolition of the old maintenance garage.  A walkway from Plaza/Memorial Halls to Coffman will remain, but there will be no access from the west.  The tunnel will remain open until demolition begins on the Plaza and Memorial Halls begins (timeline TBD).  Temporary site fencing to control access to the construction site will also be installed around the perimeter of the project area and across the entry drive into the courtyard, fire department access and a code-required emergency egress pathway through this area will be maintained.

Some additional (tentative) key dates:

  • New Memorial Hall Addition:
    • 2/4/19: Maintenance Garage Demolition
    • 2/14/19: Begin addition foundation work
    • 4/4/19: Begin structural steel work on addition
    • 5/13/19: Lay brick on addition walls
    • 8/12:19: Interior painting
    • 11/27/19: Tentative owner possession of building 
  • Chiller Plant (constructed east of East Hall near the garages):
    • 3/21/19: Phase begins, foundation/footings dug and poured
    • 9/17/19: Final inspection
  • Science Labs (Currently in Plaza Hall—Moving to ST):
    • Monday, May 20, 2019–Commence Phase
    • 5/20/19: Salvage and Demo of spaces
    • 7/19/19: Set workstations in ST209 and ST213
    • 8/13/19:  Owner takes possession of space
  • Seating replacement in SH110 and SH210
    • 5/28/19: Demo and furniture removal
    • 8/12/19: Space turned over to owner
  • Memorial and Plaza Hall Demolition
    • Monday, February 2, 2020–Phase begins
    • 2/17/20: Demo of buildings begins
  • New Plaza Work
    • Monday, April 20, 2020 Phase Begins
    • Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Phase Begins

Please note: these dates are based on a preliminary, baseline project schedule from Market & Johnson—they are only meant to give you a rough idea of when phases may begin and end.  Dates will be updated weekly depending on progress.  We will provide regular updates throughout the project including dates, pictures, and possibly a public webcam feed.

The College’s sole point of contact for this project is Shayn Jensson, RCTC Facilities Project Manager.  If you have any questions about this or any other large project, please do not hesitate to reach out to him.