New Student Placement Testing

Congratulations on your acceptance to RCTC! If you have been admitted for the Summer or Fall 2020 term, you need to take the next steps to prepare for your course registration.  Students need to be evaluated for course placements prior to attending an Orientation and Registration session.  There are two ways to be evaulated for course placement:

Students who wish to have their test scores and high school GPA considered for college placement will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Send test scores:
    • Students can verify test scores (ACT, SAT, MCA, or ALEKS) pulled out of their portal (unofficial test scores) with a College Transitions Advisor or high school Counselor and send to RCTC. Official ACT or SAT copies are also accepted when a student requests them from ACT or College Board. Test scores are valid for 5 years.
  2. Report your unweighted GPA:
    • If you did NOT fill out the “High School Grade Point Average” box in the online application, you can send an unofficial transcript to RCTC for placement consideration.  High school GPA is valid for 10 years.

Students who submit test scores and high school transcripts for placement consideration will receive a decision and next steps via email.

Students who have completed college-level English and/or Reading will need to submit official college transcripts prior to placement consideration.

Students who do not wish to have test scores and high school GPA considered for college placement OR do not meet placement requirements will need to take an Accuplacer placement test.  This test consists of a Reading test and up to 2 Math tests. The Accuplacer test is given at the RCTC Testing Center.  The test is free for students.

Register for an Accuplacer Test Session

Students will receive information about Orientation and Registration once placement has been set.


Where can I find Accuplacer study materials?

How long is the test?
The test is self paced. Please allow yourself at least two hours to take the test so that you do not have to rush through.

Can I use a calculator?
The test will provide an online calculator when needed.

What should I bring to the test?
For purposes of identity verification we require you to bring your driver’s license (or another form of photo ID). Also, for purposes of unique identification of testing records, your Stinger ID number is needed.

Can I fail the test?
No. These tests assess your current skill level, not your potential. The purpose of the assessment is to determine your placement in college level course work, which enables you and your advisor or counselor to make informed decisions about which courses to take at the beginning of your college career.

The assessment does not affect your admission to RCTC (unless you are a PSEO applicant).

When should I test?
You will receive instructions regarding testing dates and times once you are admitted to the college. Reservations are needed. The earlier you complete a test session, the more options for Orientation and Registration sessions will be available.

When will I get my test results?
You will receive your test results immediately following testing.  You can visit the Welcome and One Stop Center for additional questions regarding your placement results.

How long are the results valid?
Accuplacer scores for English/Reading are valid for 5 years, while Accuplacer scores for Math are valid for 2 years.

If you tested and did not attend RCTC – but you did complete coursework at another school, it may be a good idea to test with RCTC so that your course placements reflect your up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Can I re-test?
Yes. All students have the opportunity to retake the Accuplacer test. Students must meet with their Academic Advisor or Counselor, who will register the student for the appropriate test(s). Students are not able to register themselves for a retest session, as they are separate from new student testing sessions.

Students are not allowed to test more than two times within a 12 month period.

Is English your second language?
RCTC suggests that students who did not graduate from an American high school complete the English as a Second Language (ESL) version of Accuplacer. The ESL test provides placement recommendations for English language courses specifically designed for students who speak English as a second language. Students may choose to take either assessment, or both, if necessary.

RCTC may refer persons with very limited English language proficiency to the Rochester Adult Basic Literacy program for language development skills.

Disability Accommodations
Persons with disabilities will be accommodated as appropriate to the individual needs. Contact the RCTC Disability Services Office for assistance at 507-280-2968.

Distance Proctoring
Students who live outside the Rochester area can complete testing at any Minnesota State College or University. In order to schedule testing, you will need to notify RCTC where you will be testing. Please fill out the Remote Testing Request form and submit to RCTC at least 1 business day prior to contacting the institution you will be testing at.  Once the form has been processed, students and the other institution will receive notification that a testing voucher has been created and testing can be scheduled.  Once students have completed testing, please contact the Welcome Center within two business days to sign up for orientation.

Students who live outside the Minnesota State College or University area (a state other than Minnesota) also has the option to do remote testing. Please fill out the Remote Testing Request form and return it to RCTC using the provided information.

*Proctors for remote testing must be certified by Accuplacer to give the test.  No individuals with a personal stake in the student’s performance (family member, coach, etc.) may give the exam.