Notice to Out of State Students Taking Online Classes

RCTC is authorized to offer online courses to students who reside in states covered by the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. States that participate in SARA are highlighted in blue on the NC-SARA map.

The college’s participation in SARA does not mean that online courses and programs that lead to professional licensure will meet the requirements of each and every state. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their home state’s licensing office to determine if the college’s programs will comply with the licensing requirements of that state.

RCTC students who desire to resolve grievances are encouraged to follow the complaints and grievance process outlined in RCTC Policy 3.8 Note: This process is not to be used for grade disputes or complaints regarding discrimination and harassment.

RCTC students who are unable to resolve a complaint at this level should file their complaint with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Steps on how to file a complaint with this office are found at Minnesota Office of Higher Education.