Tuition and Fees

How much will RCTC cost?

The costs shown are estimates. Exact costs are calculated after a student is registered.

Cost Per Credit (Tuition + Fees)

3 cr.

6 cr.

9 cr.

12 cr.**

15 cr.**

18 cr.**

Minnesota (In-State)

$210.55 $631.65 $1,263.30 $1,894.95 $2,526.60 $3,159.25 $3,789.90


$210.55 $631.65 $1,263.30 $1,894.95 $2,526.60 $3,159.25 $3,789.90

** 12-18 credits and above are necessary to be considered a “full-time” student. Full-time status may be required to qualify for some scholarships.


Your tuition rate is established primarily on your state of residency as well as the mode of course delivery (general, hybrid, online, or independent study). See the complete list of tuition rates. Courses in the Advanced Technology Programs have a slightly higher tuition rate, as do courses taken as an independent study.  In addition to a tuition charge for each credit, there are related fees.


All students are charged the following fees.

  • $10.00/credit technology fee
  • $0.35/credit Student Government fee (MSCSA)
  • $2.00/credit health service fee
  • $4.75/credit parking access fee up to a maximum per semester of $71.25
  • $7.96/credit Student Life/Activity fee to a maximum per semester of $112.50


Estimate your potential college costs and financial aid using the tool Net Price Calculator.


Spring 2023 tuition and fees are due and payable on or before Monday, December 19, 2022.


Reduced Tuition Programs
Learn about special programs that can reduce your tuition. Students qualifying for one of the following programs may also refer to the complete list of tuition rates: