Policy: Key and Proximity Card Access (5.23.1)

Facility Access Form

PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Policy:  Keys and proximity cards (keys/cards) that access the buildings at the Rochester Community and Technical College campus will only be issued to individuals with a need to have access to such facilities.  All keys/cards remain the property of Rochester Community and Technical College.

Part 2. Eligibility: 

Employees:  Only current employees of Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and Winona State University – Rochester (WSU-R) shall be issued campus keys/cards.  Exception must be approved by the employee’s supervisor. *


Campus Tenants:  Tenants of the campus, with approved facility use agreements on file with the Vice President of Finance/Facilities and an assigned office on campus, shall be granted approval to obtain keys/cards.  Exceptions must be approved by the Vice President of Finance/Facilities. *


Students:  Keys will NOT be issued to student workers or student employees.  Exceptions must be supported by the student’s supervisor, and approved by the Chief Officer of the division.  Exterior keys to buildings will not be issued to students, with no exceptions.


*   Any and all Master Keys/Door Access Cards must be approved by the Vice President of Finance and Facilities before being issued.


Part 3. Procedure: 

Before any key/card can be issued, the employee/student must submit a completed key request form, with appropriate signatures, to the Physical Plant Director.  Supervisors must limit the issuance of keys to those individuals who must have them to carry out their regularly assigned duties and responsibilities.  Control of keys is critical to maintaining facility security.  Keys will not be issued for occasional or random use.  Multiple keys will not be issued to any individual for subsequent re-issuance to another individual.  Keys remain the property of RCTC and CANNOT be reproduced or provided to another individual for their use, including temporary or emergency purposes.  Individuals who reproduce, or allow the reproduction of keys/cards, shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or possible termination.  If the College determines a key/card was illegally reproduced or given to an unauthorized individual jeopardizing college facilities or security, and requiring locks to be rekeyed, the individual(s) involved will be held responsible for the cost of any rekeying.


Part 4. Key Return: 

At the time of separation from the College, an employee must immediately return all keys/cards to their respective supervisor.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to contact the Physical Plant Director to determine which keys have been issued to the employee, to obtain the keys from the employee, and to return the keys to the Physical Plant Director.


Part 5. Loss of Keys: 

The loss of a key/card can create a major security issue.  Any lost key/card must be reported immediately by the individual to the supervisor, Security Office, and Physical Plant Director.  Failure to report the loss is a serious violation of this policy and may result in disciplinary action and/or termination.  Any individual who loses keys/cards, may be assessed a charge that could include up to the cost to rekey as a preventative measure.


Part 6. Vendors/Contractors: 

A third party individual, vendor, contractor (who is not a tenant of the campus), must complete and sign a Facility Access Form, and submit to the Campus Safety and Security Office prior to accessing the facilities (a Valid Driver’s License may be retained by the College until key/card taken upon issuance are returned). Keys/cards provided to a vendor, and not returned, may result in a breach of campus security and any re-keying, as a preventative measure, will be done at the expense of the third party vendor/contractor.


Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 11/30/16