Procedure: Purchasing (5.14.5)

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(System Procedure 5.14.5)
System Procedure 5.14.5 will be in effect with the following addition.

Part 14. Purchasing of Items for Resale
Definition: Rochester Community and Technical College has authority to purchase items for resale to students and other customers. Upon resale of said items, funds will be redeposited into the appropriate state account originally utilized in the purchase of the items, resulting in NO EXPENDITURE OF STATE FUNDS.

Responsibility: Rochester Community and Technical College is not required to bid out item(s) used for resale purposes. The RCTC employee purchasing the re-sale items will research and obtain the highest quality, lowest priced items possible.

The Business Office will have overall responsibility and accountability for monitoring all resale items, and ensure purchases are in compliance with state and federal laws, board policy, college policy, and systemwide procedures for purchases.

Date of Implementation: Immediately
Date of Adoption: 7/1/1997
Updated: 11/2/2021 (updates to titles)