Policy: AASC Membership

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Preamble:
The RCTC Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC) seeks to obtain information beyond the academic perspective in order to make educated decisions regarding curriculum that are in the best interest of the College and its students. As such, AASC has created a “member” and “consultant” structure that adheres to language in the MSCF Collective Bargaining Agreement while also allowing subject matter experts from other areas of the College to provide consultative services during the curriculum approval process.

Part 2. Definitions:
Member/Membership – Individuals who comprise Council that participate in voting decisions to: 1) approve; 2) deny; 3) table; or 4) recommend withdrawal of curricular proposals.

Consultant– Individual who participates in meetings by providing subject matter expertise to the Council. Consultants do not take part in voting.

Part 3. Structure:
The Council’s twelve (12) person membership shall consist of two-thirds faculty and one-third academic administrators.

The eight AASC faculty members are selected by the faculty president after consultation with the College president at the beginning of each academic year. Members of the Academic Standards Committee (ASC), a subcommittee of AASC, may attend and participate. In the absence of an AASC faculty member, an ASC representative may serve as a voting faculty member.

The four AASC administrative members are comprised of the chief academic officer and academic deans. All academic deans may attend and participate in AASC committee meetings.

To provide consultative services, the Assistant Registrar (or designee) attends Council on a regular basis and the Director of Financial Aid (or designee) attends when proposal implementations may have financial aid implications. Other individuals may be invited to address the Council as appropriate.

Date of Implementation: March 2004
Date of Adoption: 2/10/2004
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs
Revision Date: 11/27/2017; 1/30/20