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Screening Process for Unclassified Positions


Rochester Community and Technical College is committed to the recruitment and selection of highly qualified applicants whose skills and abilities will help the college achieve its strategic goals. The College is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. This procedure establishes the process used when filling unclassified positions. Positions covered by the following employment agreements are unclassified: MnSCU Administrator Plan, Minnesota State College Faculty, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, and Middle Management Association.



Subpart A. Position Posting

The Human Resources Department and the hiring manager have responsibility for establishing minimum and preferred qualifications for vacant positions. The hiring manager may consult with staff or faculty regarding qualifications and recruitment for the position. At a minimum, all positions covered in this policy will be posted on the RCTC website. The hiring manager, Human Resources Department and the Affirmative Action Officer will determine additional recruitment measures to help that will ensure recruitment of a diverse and qualified pool of applicants.

Subpart B. Application

Instructions for application to positions will be included with each position posting. The application process will comply with applicable State and Federal Laws and Statutes.

Subpart C. Preliminary Screening

The Human Resources Department, in consultation with the hiring manager, dean or responsible administrator, will review all applications to identify applicants who meet the minimum qualifications. All applicants that meet the minimum qualifications shall be forwarded on to the Search Advisory Team.

Subpart D. Search Advisory Team

For each position, the President will appoint a Search Team Chair. The chair may be the hiring manager, dean or another individual designated by the President to facilitate the screening process.


The Search Advisory Team may include staff, faculty, community members, and students. Whenever possible, the Search Advisory Team will include faculty and staff whose work is directly related to the position. The composition of the team will be reviewed with the Chief Human Resources Officer and the Affirmative Action Officer who may suggest additional members for the Search Advisory Team. The President shall have final approval regarding the appointment of members.


Subpart E. Evaluation of Applicants

The Search Advisory Team will evaluate applicants using an evaluation matrix developed by the Human Resources Department and the hiring manager, dean and/or Search Advisory Team Chair. The Search Advisory Team’s highest ranked applicants will be invited for an initial interview with the Search Advisory Team.   The number of applicants selected for interviews may vary based on the unique needs of the search, ranking ties, multiple vacancies, size of applicant pool, or budgetary concerns. The Search Advisory Team will identify and recommend finalists for the position to the hiring authority.  In the event that the Search Advisory Team forwards no finalists, the Affirmative Action Officer and Search Advisory Team Chair will review the candidate pool for any compliance issues.  If none exist, the Affirmative Action Officer will recommend a failed search or additional recruiting efforts.


Subpart F. Evaluation of Finalists

For faculty and administrator positions, the Search Advisory Team Chair forwards the names of the recommended finalists to the President or designee, who may schedule a second interview. Finalists for other professional positions may be invited for a second interview with a vice president or other administrator. In either case, the President or Vice President/Administrator may request additional recommendations for finalists from the Search Advisory Team. Finalists for senior administrator positions may be invited to an all-college forum.


Subpart G. Hiring Authority

All decisions regarding the hiring of positions covered under this policy are ultimately at the discretion of the college President. Decisions regarding hiring of permanent unclassified positions may be made at levels appropriate to the position, but all such hiring decisions must be approved by the college President or designee.


Subpart H. Job Offers

After the hiring process is complete, an offer is extended to the finalist who, in the estimation of college leadership, has demonstrated a combination of education, skills and experience appropriate for the position. All offers are contingent upon the successful completion of background and reference checks.



In unique circumstances consistent with MnSCU Personnel Guideline 007, the President may make appointments without utilizing the steps outlined in this procedure. The President shall consult with the Affirmative Action Officer when the search process is waived or modified. The College shall document search process waivers and modifications and the unique circumstances as determined by the President.



Subpart A. Data Practices Act

Application materials are considered private under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. All employees participating in the selection process are responsible for safeguarding applicant information. The names of finalists are public.


Subpart B. Americans with Disabilities Act

Applicants with disabilities have the right to request reasonable accommodations to assist them through the application and interview process. The Human Resources Department shall consult with the college’s ADA Coordinator in determining appropriate accommodations.



The hiring of classified staff shall be done in accordance with the process established through Minnesota Management and Budget.

Date of Implementation:  Immediate

Date of Adoption: 4/28/16