Policy: Employee Evaluation (Classified/Unclassified Employees (4.9.2)

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System Policy 4.9

(Also refer to Human Resources for proper forms)

Part 1. Introduction:
The State requires an annual evaluation of all classified and unclassified professional/supervisory employees. The performance assessment process includes: (1) a review of the employee’s current position description; (2) a performance management process, which focuses on continuous improvement; defines, develops, reviews and recognizes performance, and supports the individual, the work group, and the college; and (3) a development planning process.

Rochester Community and Technical College is committed to continuous improvement and believes that such an evaluation will help assure high quality services for students and will provide for the most productive utilization of public funds.

Part 2. Purpose: In establishing a system for the evaluation of professional performance, we first begin with the assumption that RCTC has excellent staff. We have further assumed that in order for a college or university to function, a free and open atmosphere needs to be maintained. This system will be a constructive one that builds on discovered strengths, assures satisfactory performance, and promotes professional fulfillment and growth.

Part 3. Evaluation Procedures: The Human Resources Office will be responsible for notifying the supervisors of the time sequence of the evaluation. Both the employee and their supervisor share responsibility for the evaluation process and will work cooperatively to complete the performance appraisal.

Position Description
The State requires that all classified and unclassified professional/supervisory employees have a current and accurate position description on file with the Human Resources Office. The position description should be reviewed annually during the evaluation process. If changes are needed, an updated Position Description must be attached to the Performance Review. Generally, position descriptions should be updated at least every 3 years.

Performance Review
In compliance with Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13.04, Subd. 2, employees are informed that the information collected through the use of the Performance Review will be used to document their performance on an annual basis. The information may be used in decisions concerning advancement, reassignment, future training needs, performance-related salary adjustments, and as evidence in contested disciplinary actions.

A performance review is legally required. Without it, there is no objective data on which to evaluate performance. This information is available to the employee, their supervisor, personnel director, and other employees at the college whose job assignment requires access. Procedures and techniques used in evaluating employees shall conform to the ethical guidelines and standards for state employees as set by the Department of Employee Relations.

The AFSCME, MAPE and MMA contracts state that step or progression increases are based on satisfactory performance or service. Therefore, a performance review will be conducted in advance of the due date of a salary increase. Salary increases may be withheld for unsatisfactory performance. An employee must be notified, in writing, in advance of the increase due date if an increase is to be withheld, or the increase will be granted by default.

The supervisor shall be responsible for completing the Performance Review form and discussing the assessment with the employee. The formal performance rating is assigned during the review.

Customer Service Assessment of Work Related Characteristics
The success of RCTC is significantly dependent upon each employee demonstrating certain key work-related characteristics and competencies. Supervisors will obtain input from others who work with the employee using the anonymous and confidential on-line feedback survey. The on-line feedback survey allows the supervisor to evaluate how the employee is meeting the general definitions/expectations outlined in specific areas. The selection process for determining those who will have the opportunity to complete a feedback survey will be mutually agreed upon by both the employee and his/her supervisor.

Professional Development Plan
Each unlimited and seasonal employee is encouraged to have an individual developmental plan on file if needed to improve present performance, prepare for promotional opportunities, to undertake new responsibilities, to undertake career development goals, or if wanted by the employee. The individual development plan shall be reviewed and updated at the time of the annual performance review and shall be monitored during the appraisal period. A Professional Development Plan is required if the employee plans to request an allocation of staff development funds, or if there are performance deficiencies.

Part 4. The Evaluation Report: Upon completion of the performance assessment process, the supervisor and employee will meet to review and discuss the results of the evaluation. The supervisor and employee will discuss the components of the evaluation process and the implications they may have for improvement. The supervisor will complete the Performance Review form. The Professional Development Plan will be attached to the evaluation. The final Performance Review document will be placed in the employee’s personnel file. The employee and supervisor will receive copies of all review documentation; however, the on-line customer service assessment data will not be placed in the employee’s personnel file.

Part 5. Appeal Process: An employee has a right to provide a written response to the evaluations in the employee’s personnel file. An employee may also file an appeal of the performance review consistent with DOER Administrative Procedures 21.

Date of Implementation: Spring, 2004
Date of Adoption: 2/9/04 (As a Pilot Project)
Revisions: 6/16/05