Male of Color Scholars Initiative

MOCSI (Male of Color Scholars Initiative)

RCTC’s Male of Color Initiative (also known as MOCSI) is a mentoring program that offers a support network within and outside the college that provides opportunities to further develop skills related to personal, academic, and professional success. Members and potential members will gather for a light lunch and time together.


  • Increase the retention and three-year graduation rates for underserved, underrepresented, underprivileged male students.
  • Assist mentees by supplying them with specialized orientation sessions and one-on-one time with resource people at the college.
  • Strengthen mentoring through structured activities to include career/life seminars, skill-building workshops, tutoring, mentoring sessions, leadership forums, networking opportunities, and social programming.
  • Institutionalize successful program components that contribute to underserved, underrepresented, underprivileged male success and provide leadership in disseminating best practices across the

Benefits of MOCSI

Mentees are matched with a mentor who can provide some, but not limited to the following types of guidance:

  • Assist the mentee to stay focused on his academic
  • Assist a mentee to navigate through unfamiliar college territory and
  • Assist the mentee to balance priorities between family, school, and work-
  • Assist the mentee by providing practical day-to-day suggestions on certain

Mentees are directed to resources to aid in their success. Some of those resources are listed (but not limited to) are:

  • Counseling
  • Tutoring Services
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Workshops on diverse subjects
  • Library Resources
  • On-campus breakfast and lunch meetings
  • A network of college and community professionals who want to help you succeed in

Please contact Larry Frazier with any questions at or 507-280- 5504.