Fall General Election



Any currently enrolled RCTC student will have the ability to vote in the General Election. This is a chance to elect the right student leaders to represent you, the students! Voting will take place through a secure D2L online platform. Follow these simple instructions to access the vote September 14-15, 2020:

  1. Access rctc.learn.minnstate.edu and log into D2L with your StarID
  2. Select “View All Courses”
  3. Find and enter the course that aligns with your first declared major:
    • Student Government Fall Election 2019-Liberal Arts and General Education
    • Student Government Fall Election 2019- Sciences and Health Profession
    • Student Government Fall Election 2019- Career and Technical Education
  4. Select Content and Materials to read the candidate biographies
  5. Select Assessments and Vote to vote in the election

Students who apply for a Student Senate seat will be listed under their correct major in the order that they apply.

Career and Technical Education Candidates

Kevin Rudquist

Nathaniel Friess

Roberts Hoenisch

Sciences and Health Professions Candidates

Maimuna Aden

Austin Reynolds

Hailey Heins-Lange

Keri Parsons

Ifrah A. Ali

Tim Galvin

Tim Gunter

Liberal Arts and General Education Candidates

Sydney Olson

Martin Gardner

Rowan Young

Gavin Hoffman

Ava Nelson

Ayub Abdi

Amalia Guimaraes

Shawn Mosby

Joseph Laudon

Abigail McMillin

Tess Buescher

Grace Gora

Kes Whalen


There are up to 20 Student Senator positions available. As stated under Article VI, Section 3 of the Constitution, Senators shall be apportioned among the academic disciplines according to percentage of FYE enrollment. These academic disciplines include: Career and Technical Education, Sciences and Health Professions & Liberal Arts and General Education. The ratio being used is 1 senator per 200 students.

Benefits of being a Student Senator include, but are not limited to:

  • Senator positions are paid $175 per semester
  • Travel opportunities for LEAD MN and student government conferences
  • Leadership training and development
  • Learning about local, state, and national politics
  • Networking with students, staff, faculty and administrators
  • Gaining applicable life skills to help you succeed in, and beyond, college
  • Making noticeable change and impact at RCTC
  • Creating a network of friends

If you are interested in Student Government, please contact the Student President Will Fulton at SG@my.rctc.edu or you can fill out the form online. Please review the Elections Handbook.