Healthcare Office Professional Program

Career/Program Overview

RCTC’s Healthcare Office Professional Program emphasizes extensive medical terminology and a highly developed skill in medical office fundamentals as well as general office skills and technology training.  Medical letters to referring physicians along with reports in the patient’s medical record regarding examinations, operations, procedures, and tests are emphasized.  Students will learn how diseases affect the body and which drugs and other treatments are used to treat illnesses.  Students will be trained for administrative assistant positions in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and firms which provide medical supplies and equipment.


Coursework may include Medical Terminology, Healthcare Office Fundamentals and Documentation, Human Diseases for Health Professions, Computerized Health Information, Pharmacology, Keyboarding, Customer Relations Management, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, English Grammar for Careers, and Employment Strategies.

Medical Terminology: Body Systems and Diseases HCOP 1610, 2 credits

This course is an introduction to medical terminology as it relates to body systems and diseases including building of medical words utilizing suffixes, prefixes, and combining forms. The focus will be on organization of the body, healthcare system terminology, common diseases, procedures, and tests associated with each specific body system.

This course is offered online or land-based for a duration of 8 weeks or 16 weeks during fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Healthcare Office Fundamentals HCOP 1630, 3 credits

This course covers healthcare office career information, medical ethics, and professional accountability. Topics covered will include healthcare office and reception tasks, electronic medical records, medical insurance and billing, scheduling patient appointments, and communicating effectively with patients and other office employees.

This course is offered online for a duration of 8 weeks during fall and spring semesters.

Medical Terminology for Health Professions HCOP 1620, 3 credits

This course presents medical terms by analyzing words and dividing them into component parts, relates medical terms to the structure and function of the human body, and evaluates spelling, pronunciations, and abbreviations as it relates to system-related diseases and medical procedures. The student will apply medical record analysis through practical application on a variety of medical reports, including but not limited to progress notes, discharge summaries, case reports, and surgical reports.

This course is offered online for a duration of 8 weeks or 16 weeks during fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Healthcare Office Documentation HCOP 1640, 4 credits

This course introduces formatting and transcription skills of healthcare documentation in a variety of medical specialties. Dictation is transcribed from various diverse backgrounds. Keyboarding speed and accuracy will continue to be developed. Emphasis will be in developing and improving editing and proofreading skills.

This course is offered online for a duration of 8 weeks during fall and spring semesters.

Program/Degree Options

RCTC offers 3 different degree options in the healthcare office professional field.  These include a 21-credit certificate, a 46-credit Healthcare Office Professional Diploma and a 60-credit Healthcare Office Professional Associate in Applied Science degree.

Program Start Date(s)

Courses are available primarily fall and spring semesters.  Selected courses may be offered during summer session. Students can enroll on a part-time or full-time basis.  Part-time enrollment is possible any semester.  All courses are offered in an online format with some options for face-to-face learning.  Some courses may be offered only once a year, and some courses may be offered at an accelerated pace.  Consult your academic advisor to develop a specific program plan.

Career Opportunities/Information

CAREERwise Education states that the median entry-level salary for healthcare office professionals in Minnesota is $20 per hour and in the U.S is $17 per hour.


Rochester Community and Technical College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

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Gainful Employment

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