Crime Prevention

Here are some essential campus safety tips to help you stay safe while still having fun:

  1. Know Your Way Around Campus: Consider downloading a campus map and get to know your way around the school during the day when students and faculty fill the campus.
  2. Use Locks: Always lock your doors. This major deterrent can stop thieves in their tracks. Also, lock your car doors (even when driving) and keep valuables out of sight.
  3. Never Walk Alone After Dark: Always use the buddy system when walking at night. Campus Safety also offers courtesy escorts.
  4. Know Where the Emergency Phones Are on Campus: Each classroom has an emergency phone.  Find the ones in your classrooms.
  5. Consider Carrying a Whistle, Pepper Spray, or Alarm: Any type of personal defense option, such as pepper spray or a whistle, may help stop an attack or alert a bystander that you’re in trouble.
  6. Take a Self-Defense Class: Knowing specific self-defense tactics can increase the odds of fending off an attacker. Many schools offer these classes for credit or for free.
  7. Take Advantage of Campus Escort Services: Most schools offer campus escort services, particularly at night. Call the public safety office for contact information and hours of operation.
  8. Be Aware of Your Social Media Settings: Check your social media settings and make sure only friends can see your posts. Also, disable location finders on social media sites that publicly share this information.
  9. Avoid Drinking Too Much: Drinking to excess can result in bad choices that put you in difficult and dangerous situations. If you do plan on drinking, never accept a drink poured by someone you don’t trust.
  10. Always Have Emergency Contacts in Your Phone: Make sure to input emergency contacts, such as the campus safety office, into your phone so you don’t need to look them up in an emergency.