Music Tech Club

Music Tech Club is an organization designed specifically for Music majors and students interested in DJing, Live Sound, Lights, and Live Video. By joining the Music Tech Club, you will have the opportunity to learn how to operate and set up professional audio equipment. Each year, the club’s focus may vary, with some years emphasizing DJing and social mixers, while others concentrate on live sound with bands. The club members’ interests determine the direction of each year’s activities. Moreover, the Music Tech Club frequently provides music and DJ services for various RCTC events across the campus. During our meetings, members teach and learn various DJing techniques, sound equipment setup, lighting cues on computers, and VJ software with music. We also collaborate with other clubs to plan and organize social mixers. Additionally, we offer a dedicated studio space where members can practice DJing independently once they have acquired essential skills from other club members. This studio is also available for creating beats and recording vocals. The social mixers serve as a platform for club members to showcase their newly acquired skills and gain confidence in performing live.

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Club Meeting Information

  • Date: Usually occurs every Thursday
  • Time: 2:30pm
  • Location: CC412

Contact Information

Advisor: Aaron Shannon


Club President: Ashleigh Cox


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