Design Club

The Design Club is a casual place to have fun while exchanging information relevant to art and design. It allows members to meet in an informal setting to pursue their interests outside of the classroom. Club members often imagine, discuss, and complete design related projects. These include but are not limited to activities like: designing posters and logos, designing postcards for the RCTC art gallery, inviting guest designers from the community to give demonstrations and talk about their design careers, and investigating design from the world at large to find relevant information and inspiration. All RCTC students are welcome to join the Design Club and we would love to meet you.

Students interested in computer graphics, multi-media, or digital music will enjoy this club. We will host speakers and workshops and learn more about the exciting new field of digital arts.

Club Meeting Information

  • Date: Tuesdays
  • Time: 2:00pm
  • Location: AH 300 (Art Hall)

Contact Information

Advisor: Jeffrey Jacobsen