Bookstore Charging

All students who are registered for the current term and have a Financial Aid application on file for the current term will be eligible to charge up to $1,000.00 ($800.00 for Summer) in textbooks at the RCTC Bookstore. Please note, however, that book charges are available only for a short time beginning each semester.

The cost of charged items will be added to your RCTC bill and you will be expected to pay for these items along with any outstanding tuition and fees — even if you do not qualify for Financial Aid or your Financial Aid is not enough to cover the charges.

See more information about bookstore charging for the current term on the Financial Aid website, including information on how to use a charge authorization for online purchases.

Have questions? Email the Financial Aid Office or call us at 507-285-7271 or 1-800-247-1296 Ext. 7271.