Financial Aid Eligibility – Satisfactory Academic Progress

Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Aid – Satisfactory Academic Progress:
RCTC requires that students maintain a good academic standing – or Satisfactory Academic Progress. There are two separate policies which determine Satisfactory Academic Progress. The first policy relates to the Academic Affairs area and the second relates to the Financial Aid area.

A student must meet the Academic Affairs standards to be eligible to enroll in courses at RCTC. The Admissions & Records Office administers this policy.

A student must meet the Financial Aid standards to be eligible for Financial Aid funding. A review of all students is done each term by the Financial Aid Office. In a nutshell, there are three (3)components to maintaining a good academic standing for Financial Aid. They are as follows:

  1. GPA Requirement. In general, students must maintain a “C” grade point average to continue their eligibility for Financial Aid.
  2. Completion Rate Requirement. Students must complete a minimum of 66.67% of the credits that they register for.
  3. Maximum Time Frame Requirement. Students are allowed to attempt 150% of the credits needed for their declared major before being suspended from Financial Aid.

Have questions? Email the Financial Aid Office or call us at (507) 285-7271 or 1-800-247-1296 Ext. 7271.