Course Withdraw

Course withdrawals apply to you if the course drop deadline has passed and you are unable to finish a course but you are still attending other courses with this college. If you intend to withdraw from all of your courses for the semester, read the instructions for College Withdrawal. Withdrawing from a course means that you are assigning yourself a grade of “W”. You pay full tuition and fees for course withdrawals.

RCTC strongly recommends that you work with your teacher, advisor, or counselor prior to withdrawing from a course to achieve the best possible outcomes for your individual circumstances. Also you must notify the following offices if you are receiving benefits from them:

Course withdrawals impact your academic standing, as these courses count in the credits attempted but not successfully completed totals.

Course Withdrawal Period:
The course withdrawal period begins when the drop period ends and continues until the course is 80% expired (as determined by the duration of the course in-class hours and/or begin and end dates).

View the Withdraw Deadlines

How to withdraw:
Initiate changes to your registration on eServices. Follow these instructions:

  1. log in to your online eServices account
  2. select the proper semester
  3. select the ‘registration’ tab
  4. select ‘edit/view class schedule’ from the menu
  5. select the course you wish to withdraw from
  6. Select ‘drop’ from the menu and click the ‘process’ button
  7. Enter your PIN or password
  8. You should receive a message; verify that the transaction was processed successfully or respond appropriately to any error message.

RCTC will not withdraw you from courses through email or telephone requests; you must utilize your online account for all transactions.

Email the admissions office at or call us at 507-285-7268 or 800-247-1296 ext. 7268