College Withdraw

A college withdrawal may be appropriate for you if the deadline for dropping your course(s) has expired and you are unable to complete ALL of the courses you are currently registered for. Withdrawing from the college means that you are assigning yourself a grade of ‘W’ for each course you are currently registered for.  Course withdrawals may impact your academic standing as they count as credits attempted but not successfully completed.

RCTC strongly recommends that you work with your advisor or counselor prior to withdrawing from college to achieve the best possible outcomes for your individual circumstances. Also you must notify the following offices if you are receiving benefits from them:


College Withdrawal Period

Whether withdrawing from all courses at once or one at a time, the course withdrawal deadlines must be met. Courses that meet for the entire semester have a common deadline for withdrawal. Shorter courses (those that meet for a portion of the semester) have unique withdrawal deadlines.

Because of the difficult circumstances that lead a student to withdraw from college, the policy allows for a partial refund if done within specific deadlines as defined below.


Refund Table for Total College Withdrawal

Summer Semester 2024
50% refund Total college withdrawal processed through June 10
No refund Total college withdrawal processed after June 10


Fall Semester 2024
75% refund Total college withdrawal processed September 9
50% refund Total college withdrawal processed September 16
25% refund Total college withdrawal processed September 23
No refund Total college withdrawal processed after September 23


How to Withdraw

You need to initiate all changes to your registration in eServices.

  1. Log in to your online eServices account
  2. Under Courses & Registration select ‘view/modify class schedule’ from the menu on the left
  3. Select the X next to the course you wish to withdraw from
  4. Enter your password
  5. Resolve any error messages that appear or the withdrawal will not process
  6. Verify that the transaction was processed successfully by checking for a W grade next to the course
  7. An email is sent to your student email each time a change is made to your schedule and/or a grade is posted

RCTC will not withdraw you from courses through email or telephone requests; you must utilize your online account for all transactions.

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