Compassion Club

Compassion Club

Club Goals:  The RCTC Compassion Club brings together action-minded people to participate in initiatives related to compassion. This club takes a proactive approach to noticing, feeling, and responding to suffering on campus and beyond. Participants work cooperatively with other students, staff, and faculty at RCTC, as well as with community members.

What we do –    We explore the idea of what compassion means at RCTC, in our community, and the world.                                

How to join –     If you are interested in joining the Compassion Club, please email Michelle Cochran at and/or Sandy Aaby at, or you can send us a message through Facebook or Instagram at @rctccompassionclub.’

Club Meeting Information:

Meeting times vary

Upcoming Events Information: 

Check out our meditation activity opportunities here:

Goddard Library Compassion Corner – Fall 2021 – Meditation[10]

Contact Information:

Advisors: Michelle Cochran and Sandy Aaby

Emails: and

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