French Department – Why French


Why French?

  1. French is spoken in the 51 member states of the International Organization of Francophonie, including economically developing nations in Africa.
  2. France has the fourth largest economy in the world.
  3. More than 1200 French companies have subsidiaries in the USA.
  4. French is the only language other than English, spoken on 5 continents.
  5. In 2000, the US exported more to countries having French as a national language than to countries of any other language.
  6. French-speaking Quebec is the fifth largest trading partner of the US.
  7. French is one of three official working languages of the European Community, the second-largest trading block in the world.
  8. French is a leader in telecommunications (Minitel), aero-space (Airbus, Ariane rocket missile), technology, auto production 20% of all Ford Motor Company cars will be manufactured in Bordeaux), tourism and the garment industry.
  9. France ranks first in the world for Nobel Prizes in Literature, second in Peace, fourth in Chemistry, Medicine, Physics and Economics.
  10. Over 40% of English comes from French.