Math Department



The department feels very strongly that having the necessary background is essential in order to succeed at any level. More than 20 math classes are offered at RCTC. Students are advised to make sure they have the prerequisites before entering any class. Prerequisites may be met in one of two ways:

  • Scoring at an acceptable level on the Placement Test or
  • Completing the prerequisite course with a grade of C or better

Consider an algebra boot camp to help you prepare for college math.

The attached Flowchart represents a suggested sequence of courses, along with prerequisites of some of the courses that the department offers. The following are recommended pathways to achieve your individual math requirements:

Additional websites that may be of interest:

Student Work in Action

A recent RCTC graduate, Dustin Haxon, and retired RCTC instructor, Paul Kinion, wrote and programmed a free sampling distribution for small samples software.