French Courses

French Courses Include

FREN 1001 French-Speaking Cultures

FREN 1101 Beginning French I

FREN 1102 Beginning French II

FREN 1111 French Conversation Topics

FREN 2101 Intermediate French I

FREN 2102 Intermediate French II (Honors Credits)


Planning to major or minor in French at a four-year institution

The student typically studies French language (conversation, composition), literature (by periods, author, or special topics such as Poetry of Quebec or The French Press), and French-speaking cultures (e.g. Francophone Africa). The student may obtain a B.A. major in French, French-Italian, French with a Business Concentration, International Relations, B.A. minor in French, French-Italian, a B.S. major in French (Teaching), International Business, B.S. minor in French (Teaching), Linguistics, International Studies, or combine a French major or minor with another major (see careers). Students of French often spend time studying overseas.

Lower-division courses that lead to a French major or minor at a four-year institution:

French 1101 Beginning French I

French 1102 Beginning French II

French 2101 Intermediate French I

French 2102 Intermediate French II

Additional lower-division courses which complement the above major/minor courses:
French 1111 2 French Conversation (This course provides additional credits to meet transfer institution lower-division credit-total requirements.)

French 1001 Introduction to French-Speaking Cultures


An Encouraging Word
Many universities offer retroactive credit at a nominal fee upon completion of an upper-level course with a grade of A or B. The student with previous language experience should continue the same foreign language, and enter the sequence at RCTC at as high a level as possible, so as to complete the entire lower division sequence before transfer. The University of Minnesota also offers FLIP and FLAC, Foreign Language Immersion and Across the Curriculum certificate programs. For the past 5 years, the University of Minnesota-Rochester has offered a successful certificate program for Interpreters and Translators as an extension of Continuing Education.